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What Is Emissions Control?

Emissions control is the attempt to control, limit, reduce or even completely remove the pollutants that we, as humans release into the earths atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels such as gasoline. If you do not wish to destroy the earth with pollutants from your personal car then you will want to read the following because the pollutants that we introduce into the earths atmosphere can and will destroy the earth over a period in time.

The burning of gasoline to power the engine that drives your car down the road releases multiple pollutants, also known as emissions into the earths atmosphere. When we speak about emissions control, we are normally referring to the gasses emitted from various systems on your personal automobile.

For example, one type of emissions control is the control of the amount of exhaust gasses that we allow our car to emit into the atmosphere. The emissions control systems that we use to control the exhaust gasses released by our cars are the catalytic converter, EGR (Exhaust Gas Return) valve and the muffler. First in line is the EGR valve, which recycles exhaust gasses with a high fuel content back through the engines intake system to be burned. Next, the catalytic converter is used to catalyze the hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide in the exhaust released by the engine through the exhaust system. Platinum and palladium in honeycomb or pellet form is used to catalyze these gases as they pass through the catalytic converter. These gasses are catalyzed by the catalytic converter into carbon dioxide and H2O (water). Last, but definitely not least is your cars muffler. Although, the muffler is as by name used to quiet the noise pollution from your car, it is also the last chance for as much of the gasses not catalyzed into carbon monoxide and H2O in the catalytic converter to be removed or condensed.

Other emissions control systems on your car include the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve, evaporative emissions control and air injection systems. The PCV valve recycles the combustible vapors emitted from the crankcase through the intake system. The evaporative emissions control system recycles the combustible vapors emitted from the fuel in the fuel tank through the intake system. The air injection system is used to add oxygen from the atmosphere into the exhaust system to help your car to burn the emissions gasses created by your cars engine. To summarize these emissions control systems all help in their own way to control the pollutant gasses released by your car.