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What is an Ecosystem?

What is an ecosystem might be where we start to describe a certain environment. An ecosystem encompasses the whole environment found within a certain area and one must consider all the living organisms in the environment.

Canyon Australian River EcosystemThe question, must include the relationship between the larger animals, mammals, insects, plants, and fungi right through to the smallest bacteria and molds. The environment and non living aspect of types of ecosystem include the landscape, from the formation and types of rocks, soils, underlying water table, climate, elevation, exposure and location and are all part of the answer to the question.

What is an ecosystem, would give us the information concerning the number and condition of the living organisms within an environment. The information would help in forming a classification for the type of ecosystem. The location of the landscape will also effect the ecosystems classification. What is an ecosystem for desert, arctic, mountain, river, ocean or estuary? The question focuses on the many types of ecosystems and the definition of the ecosystem will answer the question by describing each one. The human impact effects what an ecosystem is and what chances the ecosystem has for sustainable life.

As with any environmental factors effecting life on earth, studies of different types of ecosystem will include the life cycle of the trees, grasses, fungi and molds. Each living species within the ecosystem must be taken into account. So the answer definitely relates to all types of ecosystems and needs to include climate, culture, environmental impact and symbiotic relationship between living and non living organisms. It is this relationship and the number and diversity of the life forms involved that give all types of ecosystem their unique value in our world.

What is an ecosystem named after? Each ecosystem is classified by their particular area. An ecosystem is determined by so many different aspects of the area. An ecosystem may vary from one side of a mountain to the other, from one part of a stream to another. Any change in soil type, drainage, salinity or even human encroachment can change the types of ecosystem. Types of ecosystem can be as varied as any type of terrain imaginable, from city landscape to arid Iceland. Therefore, asking what an ecosystem is, is a question that will have a different answer in each situation.