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What is Air Pollution, and Why Should I Care?

You may be asking yourself, why should I care about air pollution? I don’t live in a big city so Im safe, right? Wrong, and once you know the answer to the question, what is air pollution, you’ll know why you should care about it, and how you can prevent it. Air pollution is a substance introduced into the air, like chemicals, biological pollutants, or particles, which damage environments, or cause harm to living organisms. These pollutants can be caused by stationery or moving sources. The examples of stationery sources are no doubt familiar to you, like huge factories, and coal and mining industries. However, the more damaging sources of pollution are the moving ones, like different types of motor vehicles. These can include boats, automobiles, buses, trains, and aircrafts. Your question might be what is air pollution hurting? Pollution in the air is harmful to the environment, and also to all our bodies. If you continuously breathe in pollutants, it can lead to severe respiratory disease, and in some cases premature death. Air pollution is a major cause of lung cancer and heart disease in Americans. It is best to try to avoid living in areas that are near high traffic roads, and large factories, if you already have respiratory problems or respiratory disease.

People in big cities, rarely find themselves asking what is air pollution, because they have things like smog to constantly remind them. Smog is a form of outdoor pollution that is on a large scale. This terrible form of pollution can form when exhaust from vehicles, mixes with pollution from industries. Usually during the summer months is when cities experience smog. During the cold months of the year cities can get a different kind of pollution such as carbon monoxide, or particulate air pollution. The reason for either type of pollution getting trapped in the city is due to something called temperature inversion. This inversion is caused when air near the earth surface is much colder than the air right above it. When this temperature inversion occurs, then the pollution can’t rise and be dispersed away from the city. Now you know that inversion can happen in any season, you have another answer to your, what is air pollution question, and that smog is a major form of air pollution. If you are oing to move to California you should know that its a leading city, in America, for smog concentration. Some of the metropolitan areas there, like Los Angeles, Orange County, and Riverside are the worst to live in if you want to breathe clean air. Knowing answers to what is air pollution? is just the first step to making life, and the air we breathe better. Using pollution reducing methods will help everyone breathe a little easier.