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What Causes Air Pollution?

Finding out what causes air pollution is one of the smartest things you can do. Not only will it help you to make better decisions about how you affect the environment, but you also will understand what actions others need to take. By being active in helping the environment through education or through legislation, everyone can make a difference. Understanding what causes air pollution is not as easy as it may seem, though, since so many different types of pollutants cause air pollution.

The Largest Effect

The largest cause of air pollution comes from the burning of fossil fuels. When you study what causes air pollution you will see that when these fuels are burnt, the produce a range of toxic pollutants that enter the air and break down the ozone layer. Fossil fuels include coal, gasoline, oil and others. As you can see, these are also some f today’s most fought about and worried about natural resources. The demand for oil, coal and natural gas has grown so much so that prices have risen. Yet, this demand has also caused one of the most devastated effects on the environment.

What causes air pollution also should be studied for its effect. For example, the air definitely gets polluted through the burning of these fossil fuels, but that is not the only problem. In addition, the pollutants cause smog that hurts breathing abilities and causes asthma in some people. It causes acid rain, which is toxic to anyone in the area it falls. It also causes soot. Over time and at increased production, this burning not only causes all these environment problems but they also contribute to the breaking down of the ozone layer through the production of greenhouse gases.

Other Causes

There are many other causes of air pollution. When you look at air pollution, people cause much more than they believe. In fact, the numbers for individual families is staggering. For example, the average family in the United States contributes to ozone causing pollution in the range of 325 pounds per year. In terms of the effect on climate change, there is a staggering 85 tons of produced pollution per family per year. There are other types as well. For example, acid rain causing pollution comes in around 411 pounds per year for each family while toxic leg and toxic mercury pollution are mere ounces.

When you consider what causes air pollution there is perhaps one main cause that stands out from the rest. That is of course people. People and their actions are the main cause of air pollution n the world today.