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Water and Soil Pollution

The Causes of Water and Soil Pollution

Water pollution is a growing problem in the world that affects everyone. All forms of life on the planet rely on water for their very existence. Without water nothing could live. Unfortunately many sources of water have been affected by pollution from a wide variety of sources. Water and soil pollution cause many problems to … Read more

Types of Water Pollution

The Two Types of Water Pollution

Water pollution has become a very serious problem in recent years. Water pollution is caused when pollutants spill into a body of water and cause adverse affects on the wildlife and drinking potential. There are two different types of water pollution as sources. These sources are listed as point sources of pollution and nonpoint sources … Read more

Water Pollution in India

The Problem of Water Pollution in India

India is a land with many beautiful rivers and countryside. In India many of the rivers are considered to be holy, but water pollution in India has caused many of the rivers to be too polluted for use. Water pollution is a very serious problem in India which is the second most populous nation in … Read more

River Water Garbage Waste Pollution

The Many Sources of Water Pollution

Water pollution has many devastating effects on the environment and the ecosystems. There are many sources of pollution in the water which are divided into two different types of water pollution that determine where the source of the pollution is coming from. Direct sources are caused by factories, refineries, and wastes treatment plants among others. … Read more

Detention Pond Solutions to Water Pollution

Simple Solutions to Water Pollution

Water pollution is a serious problem. Efforts must be made now to reduce this amount to make sure the quality of the water in the future so that it does not become increasingly unsafe for human consumption. There are many things that can be done to prevent water pollution such as not letting pollutants and … Read more