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The State of Water Pollution in China

The State of Water Pollution in China

The state of water pollution in China is alarming. It is an unfortunate yet all-too-true fact that developing nations tend to ravage the environment as they climb to power. The United States famously destroyed a good portion of its natural resources during the 1800’s when citizens of every kind raced toward Manifest Destiny. Britain caused … Read more

Water Pollution in South Africa

Water Pollution in South Africa

The pollution of rivers, lakes, and aquifers from domestic and industrial wastewater discharges, mining runoff, agro-chemicals and other sources is now a growing threat to water resources in most countries in South Africa. According to a new report titled: ‘Water Quality Management and Pollution Control’ in South Africa, written by Prof Ngonidzashe Moyo, a freshwater … Read more

Water Pollution Statistics Show a Deteriorating Condition

Water Pollution Statistics Show a Deteriorating Condition

Water pollution, i.e., the contamination of water bodies on the planet, is one of the raging environmental issues that our world is facing today. Even though we know that the human-induced causes of water pollution far exceed the natural causes of the same, we seem to prefer to turn a blind eye towards it. What … Read more

Water Pollution Issues

Recent Water Pollution Issues

Water pollution causes a lot of problems for humans, animals and the environment. Pollution levels are on the rise again despite stricter laws and regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). One of the recent water pollution issues affecting Americans is the closing of beaches as a result of polluted beaches and beach water. All … Read more

USA Water Withdrawals Graph

Water Pollution Graphs

Water pollution is one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. All forms of life on the planet rely on clean water for their very existence. Humans use water for drinking, cooking, preparing food, washing dishes, cleaning homes and clothing and many other things. Having a clean source of water for daily living … Read more

Polluted Groundwater

Water Pollution Was Unknown When I Grew Up

It is a deeply ironic tragedy, but sometimes people in the most polluted areas know very little about what is going on in the groundwater. I grew up in a farming community, but none of us knew about water pollution until it was too late. It wasn’t one of those places that you hear about, … Read more

Contaminated Glass of Water

The Prevention of Water Pollution

Water pollution is a concern for the world. It is not something limited to poor nations. Many people think that only poor countries suffer from the lack of clean drinking water and pollution of water. That is far from the truth. Water is one of the Earth’s most precious resources and preserving the lakes, rivers, … Read more

Fish Killed Sandy Point

The Chesapeake Bay Water Pollution Crisis

The Chesapeake Bay is having a crisis with ever increasing pollution affecting the quality of the water and the appeal of the bay. The Chesapeake Bay has been inundated with nitrogen as a result of agricultural runoff, septic system leakage, runoff from roadways, development, residential and commercial fertilizers and air deposition from factories. The vast … Read more

Causes of Water Pollution

Causes of Water Pollution and Who Do We Blame?

There are many causes of water pollution. Water pollution is a serious problem that affects everyone. Over 40% of the rivers and 46% of the lakes in America are too polluted to fish in, swim in, or maintain marine life. It is true that our Earth is covered with a large percentage of water, but … Read more

Some Water Pollution Facts Graphic

Know Your Water Pollution Facts

Water pollution facts are designed to help people get a better understanding as to what attributes to this environmental contamination and how to combat it. Water pollution fact sheets can be very informative and help people see how every little thing counts and can add up to making a very big difference, either to make … Read more