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Water Pollution Solutions for the United States

Water pollution has become a big problem in America and other countries around the world. Even though there are strong laws that have been set up as water pollution solutions to help prevent further contamination from taking place, there is still a lot of work to be done.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approximately 40% of lakes, rivers and streams are not safe to fish in or swim in due to water pollution. There are many laws in place that offer treatment options but they are not always effectively enforced. One very simple way to have more effective water treatments would be to enforce the rules that are already in place.

agriculture a water pollution solutionAdditional water pollution solutions involve reducing nutrient and pesticide contamination by encouraging smarter agricultural practices and using biodynamic farming, no-till planting and settling ponds to reduce the amount of run-off that enters into the ground water and flows into the streams.

Another idea related to prevention treatments that may be very effective along these same lines would be to reduce household run-off of pesticides and fertilizers by using less of these chemicals or stopping their use altogether.

There are many other alternatives that may be put into effect including:

  • Re-establishing wetlands to act as a buffer zone to run-off and to assist in filtering pollutants
  • Drive less to reduce the amount of air pollution being emitted into the environment and minimize the amount of nitrogen deposition.
  • Improve the sewage treatment system to stop the leaks in the pipes.
  • Conserve water
  • Improve storm water management.
  • Monitor watershed
  • Stop deforestation to soak up the rain water and prevent run-off from occurring.

Individuals can do a lot to help with environmental water issues and to aid in the it’s water pollution solutions. Buy organic food and green household cleaners and personal care items to prevent the run off of chemical into the ground water. Eliminate as many pharmaceuticals as possible and stay away from meats that are raised using hormones and drugs.

It is also important to properly dispose of any old paints and varnishes. Another way to reduce the problems that occur in the water system is to use less plastics and plastic products and not to litter.

Water pollution solutions are very affordable to put into effect. The United States research Council has estimated that to do an initial clean-up of all the contaminated groundwater in over 300,000 sites across the United States it would cost $1 trillion dollars over the course of thirty years. That would average out to around 33 cents per person per day.