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Priority Water Pollution Prevention

Water is one of the greatest resources on the earth. It is essential to life and it is found in every living being. Without water all living creatures would cease to exist. Water not only nurtures but helps to create life as well. Its importance can not and should not be overlooked.

Water pollution is caused when toxic matters and waste materials are run off into the streams, rivers, or lakes from an outside source. It is any contaminant, whether from human sources or natural sources, that adversely affect the quality of the water and cause harm to the plants, animals and organisms in the water. with water pollution.

Clean water is essential, so water pollution prevention is important. It involves teaching about the causes of water pollution and what harm comes from polluted water. Teaching about water pollution prevention helps to make sure that the waters of the world are kept clean and healthy.

Types of Water Pollution Prevention

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans

The ways in which water is polluted can happen due to the actions of man, animal or nature. In some cases pollution is completely preventable but in other situations it is not.

Prevention can start with simple steps such as minimizing the amount of water that enters the gutter around homes by not running water down the driveways.

A better way to clean driveways to prevent pollution from entering the water systems is to sweep them. This is also a great way to save water.

Another water pollution prevention method is to be sure that debris and trash are kept out of the gutters and water ways. Pet wastes should always be picked up and placed in the trash and not washed out into the streets and storm gutters.

To further employ prevention techniques never wash a car in the driveway. Instead use a commercial car wash or wash the vehicle in the grass or on a gravel pad to prevent detergents from running into the storm gutters. Another good prevention method is the fix all vehicles that leak any fluid at all and to place cat litter, as an absorbent material to clean up any spills that may occur and dispose of them in the trash instead of washing them down the drain.

Another great prevention method is to plant a buffer zone around rivers, lakes and streams to filter pollutants and minimize the amount of toxins that enter into the water systems unchecked. Eco friendly detergents and cleaning materials also reduce the strain on the water systems.

Waste from humans and animals pollute water ways. It can be in the form of feces, trash or anything else left behind. Water pollution can also be from chemical or other hazardous matters which run off or otherwise find their way into the water sources.

Natures pollution of water is through the overgrowth of plants or the introduction of bacteria which rapidly grows in the water.

Importance of Water Pollution Prevention

Water is very important to life. Therefore polluted water is a huge concern. Water pollution prevention helps to make sure there is enough clean water to allow for healthy growth and development of the earth, humans and animals.

Water pollution prevention assures that pollution is kept to a minimal and that any pollution is cleaned up so that the water can remain safe.

Polluted water can lead to serious problems with disease and death of plants and vegetation, humans and animals. Depending upon the type of pollution, the effects can be very difficult to remedy which is why prevention is key.

Prevention Methods

Prevention of water pollution is done in various ways. Legislation through government bodies helps greatly. The Clean Water Act of 1970 helped to initiate the building of waste facilities to make sure waste and water for consumption never mixed.

The Clean Air Act of 1972 provided for state standards to be set ensuring safe drinking water. Additionally, the control of surface pollution was a focus because pollution above ground can go into the groundwater which is the main source of all drinking water.

Prevention measures to stop chemicals from entering the water include regulation of industrial dumping and waste. Waterways are also maintained to high standards with special regulated organizations keeping them clean.

Water pollution prevention must be viewed as a priority for everyone including major industries, power plants, corporations, farms, and individuals. If  the problem of water pollution is not solved there will be dire consequences in the future. Every living thing on the planet relies on water to live. Humans use water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and much more. The quality of peoples lives is directly related to the quality of the supply. By practicing water pollution prevention techniques now the issue of water pollution will be diminished over the time.

All of these methods help to make sure that there is plenty of safe drinking water and that waterways are kept clean for the animals and plants to use without worry of pollution.