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Using Water Pollution Images for The Battle Ahead

Water pollution takes a heavy toll on the water supply around the world. When any chemicals or other foreign matter enters into the water supply from the actions of either humans or animals it damages the water and renders it unusable. When water is contaminated it causes a lot of problems.

Showing water pollution images really brings home the struggle and battle of keeping the water sources around the world clean. Too often words alone are not enough to cause people and industries to change their habits and think about the water pollution problem. Pictures depicting environmental pollution bring the stark realities of how destructive and damaging certain practices are to the forefront of peoples attention.

Graphics showing the putrid mess that is caused by careless individuals who throw their trash and other unwanted items into the water systems. The blockage that results from the influx of trash in the waterways begin to smell and attracts rats and other undesirable vermin.

When excessive amounts of fertilizer and pesticides run off into the ground water and make their way into the streams, rivers, ponds and lakes it causes a decrease in oxygen in that water. The end result is a slimy green mess that is both smelly and unattractive.

Having water pollution images that show these devastating results of carelessness is a valuable tool in the fight for clean water. Pictures are powerful and effective tools to get a message out to the masses. Images of the situation have done a lot in the past to help shape peoples feelings and sentiments regarding the environmental impact and the water pollution solutions to deal with the issue.

The Exxon Valdez Oil SpillWhen the Exxon Valdez leaked oil into the sea many images were spread around the country showing the effects of the spill. People from all over the country could see the environmental pollution from that mess and see first hand how utterly devastating it was. Many published images showed birds and sea animals covered in oil and dedicated workers struggling to contain and clean up the mess.

Water pollution images can also be a very effective means to help prevent water pollution by showing the damage that such pollution causes to the drinking water.

It is estimated that seven million Americans get sick each and every year as a result of drinking polluted water. Showing images of these people sick and hurting may help other people to realize the importance of having clean water to drink.

Water pollution images that show putrid waters filled with wastes and feces may go a long way towards changing peoples behaviors and attitudes about water pollution.