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US Air Quality For The Entire Population

Air quality is very important to the people of the United States of America.

There are many sites on the internet where you can find information on US air quality. One of the best is the U.S. Air Quality Weblog (USAQ). The U.S. Air Quality Weblog is most commonly referred to as The Smog Blog.

On The Smog Blog, you will find daily reports on US air quality. The USAQ is in basic terms a daily diary of US air quality. The USAQ uses information gained from satellites, ground stations, EPA monitoring and numerous other monitoring service providers. The information gathered from the miscellaneous sources is then interpreted and analyzed by the personnel of the University of Maryland in Baltimore Countys Atmospheric Lidar Group. Any of the images, product references and data used on the USAQ weblog has had the copyright permissions attempted before use. The Smog Blog also requests that anyone using the information gathered from its site have copyright permissions collected before use.

There are many categories on The Smog Blog that you can view with US air quality information. Some of these categories include but most definitely are not limited to AIRS data, data fusion, PM data, lidar, nephelometer, photographed data, SUOMINET, satellite data, international data and a sun photometer.

On The Smog Blog, you can find information about the U.S. air quality weblog, you can search the site for any specific information you may be looking for, you can view recent posts and comments, you can view the site by category ad you can view each individual data source used by the site. You will also find help files, other links and miscellaneous links to contact people involved with The Smog Blog.

As previously stated, US air quality is very important to the people of the United States of America. US citizens can bookmark the smog Blog and view it daily to be assured there are not adverse air quality alerts or conditions in their area. US citizens can also use The Smog Blog to plan the outdoor activities they wish to take part in.

If you are concerned about your health in conjunction with the US air quality, you will most definitely want to bookmark and view daily the US Air Quality Weblog to know what the conditions are outside.

The Smog Blog uses many NASA satellite images and data gathered by ground monitoring stations to compile the data you will find on their site. After the data has been gathered The Smog Blog has a well-educated and experienced team of analysts and interpreters to translate the information into reports that may be posted, viewed, commented on and used by anyone with internet access.