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The Two Types of Water Pollution

Water pollution has become a very serious problem in recent years. Water pollution is caused when pollutants spill into a body of water and cause adverse affects on the wildlife and drinking potential.

Oil Drum in the River Ecosystem

There are two different types of water pollution as sources. These sources are listed as point sources of pollution and nonpoint sources of water pollution.

A nonpoint source of polluted water comes from runoff diverting pollutants directly into a source of water such as pesticides or fertilizers being washed into a storm gutter and then being carried away into nearby streams and rivers.

A point source of pollution happens when a sewer pipe leaks toxic substances into a river.

There are many water pollution types. Toxic substances are caused by chemical pollutants being emitted into the water through sources such as herbicides, pesticides and industrial compounds.

Organic pollution is another one that effects the water systems. Organic pollution is caused by manure or sewage. Most organic pollutants come from large feed lots and major farming practices that produce an extremely large amount of wastes.

When organic matter overwhelms a body of water it causes the oxygen to deplete which kills fish and plants. High levels of nitrogen and phosphates also cause the decrease in oxygen in the water and create dead zones where algae grows in an abundance killing plants and fish.

Thermal pollution is one of the types of water pollution that occurs when water is used as a coolant near a power plant or industrial facility. The water is heated up and then returned at a higher degree than it was when it was taken out. This causes a decrease in oxygen levels which affects the plants and marine life.

There is also ecological pollution that unlike chemical pollution, organic pollution and thermal pollution, is one type that is caused by nature. Ecological pollution is caused from landslides, dead animals drowning in the water supply, and volcanic eruptions.

The different water pollution types come from many different sources such as farms that use large amounts of pesticides and fertilizers which cause the increase of nitrates and phosphates in the water. Run off from nearby farms also causes water to become cloudy which blocks the sunlight from reaching the plants along the bottom of the water system. When the plants do not receive enough sunlight they die which further stresses the water systems by reducing the amount of oxygen in the water. Some other types of water pollution come from businesses and homes.