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Types Of Pollution: Too Many For Our Small World

Pollution is a word that no one is stranger to. We have heard it on the news, read it in articles, learned about it in school, and we are affected by it on a daily basis. However, there are many types of pollution and each has its own set of causes and effects.

Types Of Pollution: Air Pollution

One of our body’s most necessary and automated functions is breathing. We step outside and take a deep breath, thinking we are doing our bodies well; however with each breath we are taking in a population of toxins. These pollutants come from things like:

Automobiles Autos and other forms of transportation burn fossil fuels with put out large amounts of carbon dioxide.
Industry Living near or working in factories can also increase your likelihood of exposure to carbon dioxide and other pollutants.
Chemicals Simple household chemicals used in personal care and cleaning release certain toxins into the air.

Exposure to this type of pollution can result in nasal problems, coughing, asthma, certain cancers, and heart problems.

Types Of Pollution: Water Pollution

Water is one of our Earth’s precious resources and we are damaging it at alarming rates. There is a thinking out there that it is an endless supply, but that is far from the truth. There are several reasons for water pollution, which include:

Industry Direct dumping of waste products into our water, improper disposal that ends up in the groundwater, and general runoff of toxins. These illegal practices occur every day.
Construction Poor construction or forestry practices that strip the land of necessary root-bearing plants will allow for erosion.
Dumping Illegal dumping of wastes, rubbish, and oil byproducts into our oceans.

There are many other causes of this type of pollution and all are damaging to our marine mammals, fish, plant life, and to us. The toxins will cause illness and in many cases death.

Types Of Pollution: Noise Pollution

It is not until we are robbed of silence that we realize how important it is to our everyday health. Noise pollution is another type of pollution. Excess exposure to noise can affect our nervous system and cause unneeded stress to our minds and bodies. Some noise pollutant culprits include:

Airports and Cities The sounds of airplanes taking off and landing can be a contributing factor. All the sounds of city, including factories, autos, traffic, people, and more can result in higher stress levels.
The Office The need to conserve space has brought on a virtual community of cubicles that do not block the sounds around us. Things like phones, paper copiers, clicking keyboards, drumming fingers, coughing, conversations, and more can be grading on ones nerves.
Home The peace of home is not like it once was. The need to have multiple media mediums has brought the stress to the home front.

Believe it or not there are more types of pollution out there; each one bringing on more problems to our stressed out world. There needs to be more education so that we may reduce the amount of pollution we are exposed to and for those who have yet to exist.