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Truck Emissions Control Regulations

Trucks are used to move everything we produce from where it is manufactured to the distributors and onto the retailers and end users. Although, there are still more personal automobiles in the world than there are distribution, freight and delivery trucks there is still a very real need for truck emissions control. Diesel truck emission control is of utmost importance because the hotter a diesel engine burns the more oxides of nitrogen they produce. Tests have proven that diesel engines produce a much higher level of pollutants than gasoline burning engines do. In addition, diesel-burning engines emit dark black soot that coats anything it coming in contact with it.

Truck emissions control needs to start at the truck manufacturer and trickle down from there. The U.S. government agrees that truck emission control is needed. Because there are so many more personal automobiles than there are trucks on the road ways in the United States of America plus the fact the trucks that are travelling the road ways are mostly for commercial, freight and delivery purposes the U.S. government felt it was not a problem to just leave them alone. Scientists have finally been able to convince the U.S. government of the need for truck emissions control regulations.

No longer will industry get away with ignoring, mistreating and misusing the environment by continuing to pollute the Earths atmosphere with their commercial, delivery and freight trucks. Beginning in 2011 all diesel equipment manufactured in the United States of America must be manufactured with truck emissions control devices as standard equipment. Truck emissions control is not a new development; rather it is a new part of an old plan. The old plan that is being referred to is the long-term plan to introduce emissions control regulations into the automobile manufacturing industry.

In addition to the regulations being introduced to the way trucks are manufactured there will be regulations introduced which apply to early model trucks to be retrofitted with truck emissions control devices. What this means in the end is that all trucks on the roadways in the United States of America will be in accordance to the truck emissions control regulations set forth by the U.S. government. The majority of citizens in the United States of America are globally conscious and interested in stopping global warming along with pollution in general. The regulations that will be put in to law for truck emissions control will help the citizens of the United States of America to protect the Earths atmosphere and begin the end of global polluting.