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Trane Air Conditioning Products and Services

With their well-known motto, “Its hard to stop a Trane”, Trane air conditioning, heating and ventilation has been one of the major leaders in the residential and commercial heating and cooling industry. A Norwegian immigrant to the United States started the Trane company. Mr. James Trane, the founder of the company, first started working in the plumbing industry in his own shop in La Crosse, Wisconsin in 1885. Although originally a heating company, Trane and his son Reuben, a mechanical engineer, soon also expanded into keeping houses cool in the summer as well as warm in the winter.

In 1931 Trane air conditioning units went on the market and in 1938 a new concept in Trane air conditioning, the Turbovac, a sealed refrigeration machine make a huge breakthrough in air conditioning units for large buildings and spaces. Currently Trane has moved into many different markets and has become one of the recognized leaders in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning as well as building automation, energy conservation and environmentally friendly products.

Currently the Trane brand is sold in over 100 countries in the world with over 400 specific locations that manufacture, sell and distribute exclusively Trane products. The large company has several subsidiary companies including American Standard heating and air conditioning products. Trane employs over 29,000 individuals worldwide with 11,000 service technicians located worldwide for installation and maintenance of Trane systems. The yearly profit for Trane air conditioning and heating and subsidiary companies is over 6.8 billion dollars and there are 29 different manufacturing plants for the company located in countries such as Brazil, United States, France, England, Egypt and Mexico.

Trane air conditioning units are sold either as residential or commercial, with many different options within each division. Trane manufacturers energy efficient air conditioning units and strives to exceed the set standards by the various governmental regulatory boards. They also have produced a split-system home air conditioning unit that can result in energy savings to the homeowner of up to sixty percent over other similar products on the market.

Since the company offers both Trane air conditioning and heating systems, it is possible to integrate both systems into one energy saving system. Combining or using the “total comfort system” for year round costs savings is also an option with the company. Each of the components, Trane air conditioning and Trane heating systems are designed to have the highest efficiency when in use, meaning lower year round energy bills. Another option, the CleanEffects air cleaning system, can remove allergens and other harmful airborne contaminants from the entire home, leading to easier breathing and less risk of germs throughout the house.