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City of Toronto Air Pollution Improvements

As a large city, Toronto is no doubt one of the most important cities to visit in a lifetime. Yet, in terms of air quality, Toronto air pollution is a serious matter. The city, which just a few years ago was one of the worst in terms of air quality, has made strides in improvements, yet there is still more work to be done. The city is one of the largest in the region and therefore is one of the most congested. With bumper-to-bumper traffic and industrial factories in the near distance, there is a great deal of concern within city limits. Yet, residents are not left to wonder on their own. Toronto air pollution is closely monitored by many in the industry daily.

Toronto air pollution is monitored by the Air Quality Health Index designed by Environment Canada, a foundation working to improve and protect the environment of the city and country for the long term. This unique index is a complex factoring of the quality of air and has become one of the most important indicators for people living in and around the city. The rating is determined through complex figures but the scale ranges from 1 to 10+. The lower the score is for that day, the better the air quality is.

Toronto Air Pollution
Toronto Air Pollution

What does this mean for the average person living here? Toronto air pollution levels are measured closely and on a regular basis. This has allowed for people to make significant adjustments to their day as they need to, to avoid the toxins whenever it is possible to do so. The measurement takes into account any risk factors for the day and tests performed regularly. When there is a spike in the poorness of the air, an alert goes out to let people know. This allows for those who are at risk, and those who want to prevent exposure otherwise, to adjust their plans for the day.

In Toronto air pollution is a big problem that has affected millions of people. According to one agency within the city, the Toronto Public Health facility states that it is estimated that at least 6 thousand people seek out medical attention each year and stay at least one day in the hospital as a direct relation with the poor quality of air they are living with.

Toronto air pollution may be a price to pay to live in this city, but through careful protection, individuals can make decisions for themselves due to this new indexing system. Do not just check the weather to find out if it is going to rain, but know the quality of air you are taking in, too.