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The Different Types Of Air Pollution

According to the Environmental Protection Agency there are a great number of types of air pollution. These are all classifieds as different levels and threats to the environment in regards to how they are controlled and as to what level is allowed to be produced before it is considered as threatening to the environment. Because of the different types and health concerns brought on by the different types of air pollution, it is leading to an increase in healthcare costs across the board.
The different types of air pollution start as small not as threatening issues or pollutants and will range to more devastating and dangerous levels based on what it is that is being released into the air. One of the biggest polluters that are regulated by the United States EPA are those of large industries. If they are companies that produce sulphur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen. Since these are primarily power plants and manufacturing areas. These are regulated under the Clean Air Act and are regulated by the EPA.
There are different things that can be done to prevent and reduce the different types of air pollution. One of the biggest threats is Carbon Monoxide as a threat and that is a primary pollutant that is produced by cars. There are now regulations in place that reduce the emissions that are produced by cars and other Carbon Monoxide producing items. Using vehicles that produce less emissions or choosing to walk instead of drive will aid in this cause as well.
There are stationary items, which cause some of the types of air pollution as well. Places such as gas stations and paint factories are big polluters not individually but when they are all put together as a whole lead to a large amount of the pollution that is to be dealt with. Doing things such as producing green house gases and other pollutants such as sulfur and lead into the air all help to destroy the environment and lead to health concerns for everyone as these items can lead to different health conditions.
As individuals we can do different things to help reduce the types of air pollution that are out there in our own homes. Doing things such as adjusting the thermostat just a couple of degrees to reduce the amount of energy that is used to purchasing appliances that use less energy and are more efficient. You can also use energy efficient light bulbs as well as turning off and unplugging appliances when they are not in use. This will reduce the amount of energy that is needed to be produced by power plants and allow for less pollution to be created. The same can be said for the use of more fuel efficient vehicles as well.