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Texas Auto Emissions Reduction

Texas auto emissions reduction certified program.The goal of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality voucher program is to help to decrease the number of older, poorly maintained vehicles on the road by providing funds for individuals that meet certain criteria to move into a newer, more fuel-efficient vehicle.

The program, designed to lower the Texas emissions by reduction in auto fumes has several different guidelines and criteria that must be met for the owner or owners to qualify for the voucher program.

Different auto dealerships and emissions testing centers also take part in the Texas auto emissions reduction program and will honor the vouchers as cash either for repairs or for the buy of a new vehicle.

As part of the Texas auto emissions reduction program all vehicles registered in the state must pass a yearly inspection. If a vehicle fails to pass this yearly inspection then the owner is needed to repair the vehicle as per the inspection report, then have the vehicle retested within 15 days at no additional charge. If the vehicle fails a second time the owner will have to repeat the process and will be needed to pay the inspection fee again. The inspection criteria is set by the state and only authorized garages are allowed to complete the Texas auto emissions reduction and clean air inspection and provide the needed sticker.

As mentioned above to qualify for the Texas auto emissions reduction voucher program the vehicle must:

  • Have passed a vehicle inspection in the state of Texas at least 15 months prior to the failed test.
  • Failed the vehicle inspection test at an authorized inspection site.
  • Been registered in the county that you reside in for the last 12 months.

Or the following conditions can also apply:

  • Gasoline powered vehicle that is at least 10 years of age.
  • Been registered in the county you reside for at least 12 months and have passed the needed Department of Public Safety (DPS) inspection test if the vehicle is more than 24 years old within the last 15 months prior to the current inspection.
  • Must have been driven, under the vehicles own power, to the inspection station.

A truck and it's tailpipe.In addition to these criteria for the vehicle, you must live in the participating county as well as making under a specified income level which is based on the number of people in your household as well as your adjusted gross income.

Participates in the program can use the $35,000 voucher to buy one of several pre-selected types of vehicles, all which have the minimum allowable gas mileage and have to be bought from a pre-approved dealership within the state to qualify for the Texas auto emissions reduction voucher.