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Some Major Sources of Air Pollution

Sources of air pollution are the factors, locations, and activities responsible for putting pollutants out into the air we breathe. There are two major types of these sources, and they are human related sources, and natural sources. The sources of air pollution that are human related can fall into many different categories. One of these categories are stationery sources, like manufacturing facilities, power plants, and many industries like coal or mining. This source is responsible for a significant part of the pollutants in the air, and helps contribute to major types of air pollution like smog. A more major source of air pollution is moving sources. Moving sources include motor vehicles like cars, busses, trains, and aircraft. These types of air pollution are responsible for most of the pollution in the atmosphere. This moving source is one we can drastically reduce with a little effort and learning. Some other human relater sources of air pollution are harmful fumes from paint, varnish, hairspray, and aerosols in general. These things are essential to our modern daily lives, and everyday we use them we are making the air a little more polluted. All of the human related sources of air pollution can be controlled or even prevented by learning about ways to reduce pollution on an individual level. If everyone put a little effort into controlling how they contribute personally to pollution. Then we could be breathing clean pure air some day soon.

The other source of air pollution mentioned is natural sources. These sources are not something we cause and are not really something we can prevent but it is good to know about them and how they affect us. One of these is dust caused by natural occurrence. When a large area of land is barren and lacking in vegetation then the dirt becomes dry dust. This dust can be carried in the air to places far away from the spot of land and pollute the air all around it. A good way to help control this natural pollution is to plant vegetation and trees where there is a spot of dry land. This may take some irrigation and a little effort but it will drastically decrease the natural dust pollution in the air. Some other natural pollutants are smoke and carbon monoxide from wildfires. When a huge area of forest is burned naturally then it releases toxins into the air for miles around. There is nothing we can do to prevent natural fires but we do try to control areas on fire from spreading to populated areas. The natural sources of air pollution are not as much of a threat as the ones we humans cause. However it is always good to learn all about how you can help prevent, and control both sources of air pollution.