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Simple Solutions to Water Pollution

Water pollution is a serious problem. Efforts must be made now to reduce this amount to make sure the quality of the water in the future so that it does not become increasingly unsafe for human consumption. There are many things that can be done to prevent water pollution such as not letting pollutants and contaminants run into storms gutters and properly disposing of hazardous chemicals instead of washing them down the sink or flushing them down the toilet.

Detention Pond Solutions to Water PollutionThree additional solutions to water pollution are detention, retention and water hazards.

Detention Ponds are used as solutions by acting as a holding cell for waters that have run off from parking lots and other such areas that may be teeming with pollutants. From there the water can be transferred into retention and water hazard ponds. These are designed to hold surplus waters for a short period of time.

There are other solutions that involve landscaping and yard maintenance. Buffer strips of aquatic nutrient loving plants should be planted around ponds and lakes to act as a filter that will stop heavy sediments from entering into the body of water. These buffer zones also help to keep out trash and debris and help to absorb some of the contaminants so that they do not run off into the water supply.

Ponds that have excessive amount of algae in them pose another kind of a problem with water pollution. Algae steal oxygen from other plants causing them to die off. When plants in the ponds die off it further reduces the amount of oxygen in the water exacerbating the problem.

Some solutions to water pollution in regard to an overabundance of algae concerns installing aeration systems where it is possible to help add oxygen to the pond. There are three different types of aeration systems that can be carry outed in this way, surface aerators, sub-surface aerator, and diffused systems. All three types are effective in increasing the oxygen levels of the water and helping with the circulation and are very practical and effective solutions.

One of the more unusual but highly effective water pollution solutions involves using putting barley into lakes. The barley decomposes and releases a chemical byproduct that prevents algae from growing. This method for algae removal is still experimental and it has been debated as to how effective it really is.

Bio-augmentation is another one of the natural solutions that uses naturally occurring bacteria to prevent an overload of nutrients in a body of water. There are many solutions to water pollution that can be enacted to make the water quality better for the future.