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Looking into the Role of Media in Environmental Education

Information is power and those who have a hold over the valuable relevant information and the expertise on how to impart it to the right audiences have an immensely important tool in their hands.

The above holds especially true for the innovative modern-day educational concepts that are aimed at making an individual adept in the topics of national and international importance, even imparting eligibility to take up professional careers in context of the same.

The Correlation

As an ideological instance of the same, the correlation between media and its role in imparting environmental education to its audiences stands as a testimony to how powerful can the impact of information be.

To begin with, media and its various channels are first important in their role of spreading awareness and information on the various aspects of environmental education. Having a strong readership and viewership, the various channels of media are the perfect medium to spread the message of environmental education. The role of media in environmental education can be well gauged from that almost all the major business houses, political groups and social organizations use special promotional clips and programmes to promote the message of environmental education through this medium. Whether it is print media, electronic mode or the web, messages and educational documentaries regarding environmental education abound on each of the mediums, clearly laying out the role of media in environmental education for the onlooker.

Moving on, another most important role of media in environmental education is essayed in its importance in bringing the defaulters of the matter to book and also highlighting the ill-practices that might be carried out by such individuals or organizations. By giving adequate publicity to the defaulters’ actions and the steps taken against them or penalties charged therein, the authorities can manage to set a good example for others who might default at some other time.

The role of media in environmental education is also reflected in its ability to spread awareness regarding the government’s rules, regulations and any direction regarding the matter. The public in general remains quite unaware of any new legislation or order declared by the government unless it is broadcast well on the various popular channels of media which are watched by millions across the globe.

Similarly, the role of media in environmental education is also extremely helpful for an ordinary citizen who can simply use this medium to air his/her grievance regarding the matter to even share important tips or guidelines for environmental protection through the various channels of media.