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Success in the Prevention of Pollution on All Levels

The problem of pollution is not small. It is something that needs a massive effort to solve. Without the work of leaders, businesses and individuals the pollution problem will continue to grow without an end in sight.

Fortunately, solutions are numerous and there is a lot of work on all levels for the prevention of pollution. Education and awareness is at an all time high, so everyone is aware of the importance of making our world pollution free.

Governmental Role

The governments role in the United State for the prevention of pollution is a very strong one. The government has set standards, created regulations and helped to greatly reduce pollution in the country. This includes the passing of the Pollution Prevention Act of 1990 which was a major steeping stone in prevention of pollution, setting the country in the right direction to really stop pollution and prevent its occurrence in the future. Additionally, they have helped other nations to develop their own methods for prevention of pollution.

The Environmental Protection Agency plays a very large role in the prevention of pollution. The EPA is the main regulator of businesses and other sources of pollutants.

Business Role

Industrial pollution accounts for a very large percentage of pollution. The role of businesses in pollution prevention, therefore, is very important. The cooperation of businesses helps to make sure that this segment is greatly reducing or eliminating pollution that they cause.

Business pollution has a wide spread effect. Generally the pollution is quite harmful, involving harmful substances. It can also be something that may seem less harmless like smoke, which contributes to smog. Smog is a horrible air pollution that has severe health effects.

Businesses can help in the prevention of pollution through following regulations and laws about waste disposal and using operation methods that are proven to reduce or eliminate pollution.

Individual Role

Individuals often think there is little they can do to combat a global problem like pollution. However, the role of individuals in the prevention of pollution has a great impact on the overall picture. When every individual does their part it can add up quickly.

The move towards the use of hybrid vehicles and alternative gasoline may have been prompted more by the price of fuel than the concern over pollution, but this trend has greatly helped reduce vehicle emissions which can cause pollution of the air, water and soil.

Any little effort an individual takes to stop polluting is helpful. Not littering, not dumping waste in unauthorized areas and buying energy efficient appliances are all examples of how an individual can help in the prevention of pollution.