The Reason for a Focus on Prevention of Pollution in Antarctica

Antarctica is one of the least polluted places on earth. When pollution in Antarctica is found, it can usually be traced to somewhere else in the world. Pollution has been found there in the snow that is known to be coming from other places in the world and this is a great find.

Prevention of pollution in Antarctica is important. Methods used and tested here are easy to monitor because of that pollution found in Antarctica is not directly from within Antarctica. Studying the prevention of pollution in Antarctica can help the whole world advance in the area of pollution prevention.

How Pollution Gets Here

The pollution in Antarctica is not usually caused by people in Antarctica. It is brought there through other means. Oil tankers passing by have leaked oil into the water and led to pollution of the land. Snow falling from the sky has actually been recorded as polluted. The pollution in the snow is something that comes from the pollution in other parts of the world.

Antarctica is a clear sign of proof that pollution is a global issue. No matter what one country may be doing to reduce pollution if nobody else is doing anything then pollution will remain because it travels.

With the knowledge gained through studying pollution in Antarctica the hope is that the world can be taught about the effects of their pollution on everyone else.

Top Concerns

The top concerns about pollution in Antarctica are the effects that it has upon the wildlife. The continent is home to many different species. The pollution found in Antarctica is also found in concentrated amounts in the bodies of the wildlife that lives here.

This alarming fact means these poor animals see a negative impact form what the rest of the world is doing. Another concern is that oil spills are a main concern. Cleaning up an oil spill is difficult and the process may never fully restore the area in which it occurred.

Prevention of pollution in Antarctica is taken very seriously because innocent wildlife is seeing some severe effects as a result. With an ecosystem like this being destroyed because of the actions of people in other parts of the world it is not hard to see why prevention of pollution in Antarctica is something of great concern.

Human Impacts Program
The Human Impacts Program is a multi- disciplinary research program in Antarctica; focus is on the prevention of pollution in Antarctica. The program works to undersatnd and minimize the effects of pollution through vigorous assessment and testing.

The program pays strong attention to any activity that occurs in Antarctica to judge whether it may cause pollution or not. Any possible polluting activities are then reevaluated until the risk is eliminated or reduced. Any pollution found is then assessed to see what effects it has and how it can be prevented in the future.

This program is a tool for the whole world to learn about prevention of pollution and the effects that it has on animals and nature.