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Prevention of Noise Pollution

Prevention of noise pollution is often a forgotten type of pollution and efforts have also decreased in eradicating such a type. This is not because it is not as important, but it is something that many simply do not think about.

Prevention of Noise Pollution

Noise pollution may not cause as many major health issues as other forms of pollution and its effects are not always visible, but it does have some serious effects. Prevention techniques help to make sure that peace and quiet is possible for everyone and the benefits of that are priceless for people suffering from noise pollution.

Technology’s Role

Technology’s role in noise pollution prevention is great. Through technology much can be done to curb the sources of noise pollution.

Some things technology has been able to do for the noise pollution prevention include constructing noise barriers which allow for a blocking of noise. Creating new traffic patterns to route noisy traffic out of populated areas is another thing technology has done for the prevention of noise pollution.

Other methods of noise pollution prevention through technology include building designs to contain noise, the creation of quieter engines in vehicles and new technologies to make industrial operations quieter.

Governmental Standards

The government helps to make sure that noise pollution prevention helps through the creation of regulations and laws. This is done at all levels of the government.

Most cities have noise ordinances that stipulate loud noises and nuisances. This includes the use of construction equipment being limited to certain hours and regulations on car stereo systems.

OSHA which is a major regulating power for businesses helps to protect workers from noise pollution through regulations about safety equipment use. This included wearing hearing protection while engaging in certain jobs. Businesses are needed to follow all rules set by OSHA or risk being fined.

Importance in Prevention of Noise Pollution

Noise pollution prevention is important to protect everyone. Noise is an aggravation, but more than that it can lead many problems for a person exposed to it.

People who are exposed to noise pollution may experience aggression, panic attacks, high blood pressure, hearing loss and high stress levels. Noise is a trigger to these problems and when the noise is loud and constant it can take a toll on a person.

Noise pollution may not be as far reached as other types of pollution but that does not make it any less important. People still suffer from noise pollution and it is time that noise stops being just a nuisance and is taken as a serious problem. It must be addressed and controlled or prevented. Unfortunately, these studies do not do a lot for the prevention of noise pollution.