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The Prevention of Air Pollution and it’s Various Control Methods

The prevention of air pollution is a world wide concern. There have been many investigations into what causes pollution in the air and the exact methods that work best in the preventing the spread of smog and other unnatural gases.

Through the use of many different methods, air pollution is becoming easier to control. It is only through various measures though, that air pollution prevention measures are possible.

Government Role in Air Pollution Prevention

air pollution effects imageThe government plays a very important role in prevention. It is through government regulations that industries are forced to reduce their air pollution and new developments in technology are created to help everyone do their part in the prevention of air pollution.

Legislation, such as the Clean Air Act, helps to make sure that the main culprits of pollution in the air are properly regulated and mandatory laws are in place to make sure that air pollution prevention is taken seriously.

The government also helps by continuously making regulations stricter and enforcing new regulations that help to combat any new found.

Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution may seem like an individual concern, but it actually is not just something to worry about in your own home, it contributes to outdoor air pollution. In prevention it is also important to understand about indoor air pollution.

Indoor air is much easier to clean up and regulate than the air outside. However, if you do not know what causes indoor air pollution then you certainly can not prevent it.

Some things that contribute to indoor air pollution are smoking, appliances, the use of chemicals and animals. You can prevent indoor air pollution by not smoking indoors, not using harmful chemicals, buying new energy efficient appliances and keeping animals outside.

Pollution Prevention Ideas

Prevention can be done in many ways. There are many new solutions to stop air pollution which include urban planning, technology development and legal regulations.

Urban planning involves designing traffic patterns to flow outside of populated areas. It also includes working with the design of roadways to prevent congestion and stop and go traffic situations. The more a vehicle sits and idles, the more pollution it is creating.

Technology is one of the greatest tools in creating ingenious ways of preventing air pollution. The creation of new vehicles that produce less pollution is a major step towards clean air and the future advances in these fields will continue to decrease pollution levels..

Legal regulations are one of the most effective ways of pollution prevention as they set guidelines to make sure all possible measures are taken in preventing air pollution.

The government sets regulations that prevent individuals and businesses from doing anything that can cause air pollution if it is not absolutely necessary. These regulations also help prevention of air pollution in the cases where the polluting activity can not be avoided.