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Pollution Prevention From Beginning to End

Pollution prevention is a world wide concern. The effects of pollution are far-reaching and devastating to humans, animals and plant life. Letting pollution go without using prevention methods is something that simply can not be done without risking the lives of every living organism on earth.

Pollution prevention has been an ongoing effort all around the world for decades. Governments have passed numerous laws, regulation and acts to control the problem with pollution. These efforts alone, though, can not curb the pollution problems facing the world. It takes a global understanding of the problem and working together to find solutions that will bring a solution.

The Beginning Signs of a Pollution Problem

As early as the 1970s the problem with pollution was becoming clear. The most visible effects of pollution were in the air and water. The Environmental Protection Agency started to develop standards regulating pollution prevention. Laws were passed and sources of pollution were identified.

In the 1980s there was a move towards diffusing sources of pollution as a means of pollution prevention. Additionally, methods were developed to better recognize pollution, so that it could be stopped.

The Pollution Prevention Act of 1990 was a major step towards getting control over pollution and pollutants. This act helped to set standards and create strict regulation of some of the top pollutants.

Types of Pollution

There are a few main types of pollution. Air pollution is the pollution involving the air we breathe. Water pollution includes pollution of any water source. Soil pollution is the pollution of soil.

Besides the main types of pollution there are also some types that are generally singled out and defined by what causes the pollution. This includes vehicle pollution which comes from vehicles and radioactive pollution which is caused by radioactive materials. Both vehicular and radioactive pollution can be in the air, water or soil.

Understanding the types of pollution in very helpful in pollution prevention as it allows for people to see exactly where damage is occurring and how it will affect them.

Pollution Prevention Methods

The methods of pollution prevention are pretty straightforward. Common methods involve discovering the source of pollution and eliminating it or reducing it. This is usually the first step in pollution prevention.

Other things that are done to prevent pollution include the development and use of technologies and awareness education to help people and businesses understand pollution and how to eliminate it. Through combined efforts on a global level pollution prevention is quite strong and great advancements in the reduction of pollution have been a success.