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Methods Used in Air Pollution Prevention

Air pollution is a major concern, especially in very populated places around the world. The more traffic and people there is in one area the more air pollution that is recorded. A little air pollution adds up quite fast and with a crowded environment that means in little time at all.

The effects of air pollution can be very harmful to people and animals. It is very harmful to children and those with respiratory problems. Having clean air is important for a good quality of life and that is why there a major focus on air pollution prevention.

Air Pollution Threats

Transportation is the largest sector that contributes to air pollution.

Air Pollution Prevention

The air pollution caused by vehicles, airplanes, trains and other modes of transportation is the largest amount. Of course, air pollution can come from other sources.

Air pollution can be from chemicals, waste, oil production, nuclear weapons and other toxic substances. On a smaller level air pollution is also caused by household appliances and cigarette smoking.

An important point about air pollution is that even small amounts of pollution add up when there is a heavily populated area.

Prevention Methods

The Clean Air Act is a great representation of the governments role in air pollution prevention. This act helps to regulate and enforce laws that seek to eliminate or reduce the causes of air pollution. The government sets the standards and help to get everyone working for cleaner air.

The Environmental Protection Agency also plays a large role in air pollution prevention. The EPA is working hard to regulate the emissions of vehicles. Standards are rigorously updated to make sure that the future vehicles are more environmentally friendly then those of the past.

Recent Focuses

In the fight for air pollution prevention the most recent attempts have included new technology and education. Technologies like hybrid cars have been one of the greatest breakthroughs for the prevention of air pollution.

Vehicles contribute greatly to air pollution and through the use of hybrids that pollution level is greatly reduced. This is also being supplemented with ideas for new energy forms that can even allow a car to operate with no pollution being emitted.

Education of the public about air pollution and how to prevent it is equally being found important. The more people know about the harms of air pollution and what causes it, the better able they are to do their part. Air pollution prevention really is about everyone working together. So, everyone has to understand the situation and be armed with the needed information so they can do their part to prevent air pollution.