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Pollution Prevention Act A Major Stepping Stone

The Pollution Prevention Act of 1990 was a major effort to help in making this a cleaner world in which to live. This act carries a lot of weight and has had a great impact on the way people think about pollution.

The Pollution Prevention Act helped in many ways to bring to light the concerns about pollution and the reasons for a need to prevent pollution. Most people find it hard to thin on a global scale about the effects of pollution and without legislation like the Pollution Prevention Act many would not even think twice about what their actions are doing to the planet.

Reason for the Act

The Pollution Prevention Act was established to help fight the problem of pollution. The act helped to create regulations that would stop or reduce pollution. Additionally, the act established standards for such things as automobile emissions and industrial actions, which are two of the largest causes of pollution.

The impact of the Pollution Prevention Act has been great. This act changed many ways of thinking and really brought the problem of pollution to the forefront where the general public was able to recognize it.

Policies Established by the Act

The Pollution Prevention Act of 1990 mandates the prevention and reduction of pollution though a hierarchy of pollution handling. The first and most desirable method of pollution control is the elimination of polluting sources. If sources can not be eliminated then it goes into the next stages.

The next stage of the hierarchy is recycling of unpreventable pollution. If recycling s not an option then the next stage is for environmentally safe handling of pollution and proper disposal.

The Pollution Prevention Act also provides for increased energy efficiency and the protection of natural resources. The point of these actions is to help reduce the pollution that is caused through current energy measures and to help maintain the environment at a healthy and safe state.

Preventing Pollution under the Act

Preventing pollution under the act is done through several means. One of the main things the act introduced was the creation of new technology that allows for a reduction of pollution in some of the major sectors where pollution comes from, such as transportation and industrial.

The creation of new technology has been very successful in producing a number of new products that are efficient and effective. This has helped in introducing them on an affordable and large scale basis.

The act also has helped make regulating businesses much easier. The standards of regulation and the laws regarding pollution and the industrial sector have been streamlined to make it easier to regulate them and easier for the businesses to follow.

Overall, the act has helped to educate people about pollution and teach about the harms that it does. More people have an understanding about why pollution is such a threat now than they had before the act was created.