Five Environmental Pollution Cause And Effect Essay Questions

You’ve no doubt heard a great deal about environmental pollution, but what do you really know about its causes, its effects, and what you can do about both of them? In this series of five essay questions, we’ll find out. So get your pencils and paper ready, and let’s get started, right now, with changing the world.

Environmental Pollution Cause And Effect Essay Question #1

What are you doing in your life, right now, to cause environmental pollution in your neighborhood?

Don’t just dash off an answer to this, think carefully. How do you dispose of your garbage? Do you sort your recycling? How do you get to work, to school, or into town to socialize with friends? Do you take a bus? Do you drive a car? And what products do you use to clean your house? To store your groceries? What groceries do you buy?

How much of an impact, positive or negative, do you make on the world?

Environmental Pollution Cause And Effect Essay Question #2

Given your answer to #1, how can you reduce any negative impact you make on the world? If you throw away your garbage indiscriminately, could you carry out a recycling policy instead? If you drive everywhere you go within your city, could you carpool or take public transportation, or just walk or ride a bike? Could you get exercise and help to save the planet, both? Could you join a local activist group? Could you stop buying products from companies that pollute and choose green alternative products instead?

Environmental Pollution Cause And Effect Essay Question #3

What groups exist in your area to help stop environmental pollution? Is there a Greenpeace chapter, for example, or a PETA chapter? Are there protest groups or community action initiatives? Is there a community recycling program that you could get involved in? If these programs don’t exist, what would it take to start one? Who could you get to be involved?

Environmental Pollution Cause And Effect Essay Question #4

What projects might your environmental action group get involved in? Who are the major industrial leaders in your community? Who would you need to talk to to get information to them or ask them for information? Is there an easy way for you to talk to a community leader of some type, someone who has some policy-making authority over your community’s air and water standards? What could you say to him that would make a difference in your community? What could your group offer to him to help carry out your environmental solutions?

Environmental Pollution Cause And Effect Essay Question #5

Based on these four questions: is there hope for the planet? Why or why not?

And if not, are you sure? Couldn’t you change that answer if you wanted to?