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Insight into the Pocono Environmental Education Center

The Pocono Environmental Education Centre is an innovative state-of-the-art, educative recreation area, especially meant for creating awareness and spread of knowledge about the natural world.

This beautiful, one of its kind destination is a special place meant for visitors of all age groups and backgrounds to come and learn more about the wonderful aspects of nature. The vast spectrums of visitors generally include students, teachers, families, Scouts, birders, botanists, photographers, hikers and many more.

The Details

Located within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (DEWA), the Pocono Environmental Education Centre has the study of nature and natural systems as its key focus, which is further supported by the centre’s proximity to a quarter of million acres of land, along with the National Recreation Area and numerous other state parks, forests and game lands.

The beautiful and picturesque Pocono Environmental Education Centre has a vast series of recreation facilities and entertainment opportunities for its visitors. The most famous amongst these include the Shady Hemlock gorges, the wild and scenic Delaware River, diverse lowland and upland forests, fields blooming with wildflowers, rushing waterfalls and streams, unique flora and fauna of boreal bogs, fossils which are as old as 400 million years and pond teeming with insect and amphibian life.

At the hub of all activity at the Pocono Environmental Education Centre, the Visitor Education and Administration Building Centre stand in all its magnificence. The structure houses two classrooms, a library, craft centre, darkroom, store, indoor pool offices, educational displays and also well-designed meeting areas for presentations and dances.

The vast range of outdoor resources at the Pocono Environmental Education Centre include a whopping thirteen miles of hiking trails that originate from the main campus. If the season permits, the participants many also canoe across the center’s ponds or cross-country ski through the huge pine forests. In addition, there are courses available for low ropes, orienteering, sensory awareness as well as several picnic areas and campfire sites.

Other facilities for the visitors include the housing options that are available including the comfortable forty-seven cabins which can accommodate anything from two to sixteen people on wooden bunk beds. The cabins are heated, have electricity, showers and modern bathroom facilities. To add to the attractions, there is a well-stocked Nature Library, which also offers a lot of articles online.

For those interested in a career at the Pocono Environmental Education Centre, there are various jobs and positions available, applicants for which are invited from time to time. Some of these include the jobs of an environmental education instructor, environmental education internship, summer camp counselors and weekend managers to sustainable living instructor.