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Water Pollution Graphs

Water pollution is one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. All forms of life on the planet rely on clean water for their very existence. Humans use water for drinking, cooking, preparing food, washing dishes, cleaning homes and clothing and many other things. Having a clean source of water for daily living … Read more

Ocean Oxygen Levels Chart

Is Pollution Causing Low Ocean Oxygen Levels?

Scientists are concerned about areas of the Pacific Ocean that have low levels of oxygen in the water. Areas of the ocean around the United States, especially in the states of Washington and Oregon have little or no oxygen in their waters. Sea creatures such as crabs have been found dead in these areas. And … Read more

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Pollution Wreaks Havoc on the Oceans, Animals and Plants

Every ounce of water on the earth’s surface has been a part of the ocean at one time or another. The oceans have become important sources of economic livelihood. Many maritime industries throughout the world, including fishing, shipbuilding, transportation, and recreation depend on the oceans. They are the highways for commercial and passenger ships. However, … Read more

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Pollution of the Earth’s Oceans

Pollution of the earth’s oceans is a major concern for scientists including marine biologists. Some of the causes of the phenomenon of ocean pollution are examined in this article. Ocean pollution is a major pollution problem faced worldwide. The waters of the earth are getting polluted more and more and many marine species have now … Read more

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Effects of Deep Ocean Pollution

The United Nations has warned that the damage to the deep oceans is getting way out of control amd deep ocean pollution is a major threat. According to reports found on commondreams news center , This damage is caused by litter, pollution and overfishing of the oceans. In a report indicating very little time left … Read more

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Effects of Ocean Pollution on Human and Marine Life

For centuries, ocean waters have been treated as sewage dumps. For example, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which is in one of the most urbanized, as well as, one of the most wealthiest nations in the world, sixteen million litres of raw sewage is dumped into the Halifax Harbour. In places such as Calcutta, India, as … Read more

Investigating The Historical Past Of AC Devices

Investigating The Historical Past Of AC Devices

The original trials that paved the path for the development of ac were carried out a couple of hundred years ago. They were in actual fact carried out at Cambridge University in around 1758 and were a joint venture between John Hadley and Ben Franklin. They were exploring the possibilities from the evaporation of volatile … Read more

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

The industry has certainly turned the corner together with the recently launched US tax credits for buyers who take up green technologies, or people who switch to vitality efficient technology in ventilation and air conditioning tools has resulted in consumers renewed curiosity in investing funds on their houses which consequently is assisting revive the long-slumping … Read more

Solar Panels on a Home

Build a Solar Panel to Improve Your Home

How would you enjoy learning how to build a solar panel so that you can have a positive and dramatic effect on your family, long after you have left this world? Who are the members of your ancestral tree whose actions have impacted your life They may have moved to your country which is why … Read more

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Compost Toilet Models

Lately, more and more people have become thinking about putting a compost toilet in their house. Composting toilets have several ecological and also monetary rewards: they help save water, they get rid of the possibility sewage or groundwater pollution, they get rid of the expenses associated with sustaining sewers and septic systems, and their end … Read more