Water Pollution Issues

Recent Water Pollution Issues

Water pollution causes a lot of problems for humans, animals and the environment. Pollution levels are on the rise again despite stricter laws and regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). One of the recent water pollution issues affecting Americans is the closing of beaches as a result of polluted beaches and beach water. All … Read more

Home Composting

Teach the Family Composting At Home

Composting at home can not only be a way to use up all those household scraps while making good garden soil but also a way for the family to be doing something together while helping our environment. Composting is something many people are doing today as means to use up all those food waste products … Read more

Fish and Plant Ecosystem

The Ecosystem Community of Plant and Animal Life

An ecosystem relates to the specific environment that contains a specific diversity of plant and animal life. The ecosystem must include the living and non living influences, from flora, fauna and fungi to the influences of their surroundings. Things such as humidity, elevation, salinity, and drainage will impact on the conditions of the living organisms … Read more

Are You Looking For A Waste Management Job?

Are You Looking for a Waste Management Job?

The rapid economic growth and industrialization in the last few years have led to a massive increase in the variety of career options available to the aspirants. Ranging from the basic career opportunities in the field of medicine, law and the like, going up to choices of a profession in environmental safety or working on … Read more

The Clean Air Act

Helping To Meet The Best Air Quality Standards

Pollutants considered to be harmful for the health of the public and environment have air quality standards set for them by the Clean Air Act of 1970 which was last amended in 1990. The Clean Air Act has set two types of national standards for air quality. The two types of standards set are Primary … Read more

Air Pollution in Moscow Red Square

The Problem of Air Pollution in Moscow

Air pollution in Moscow is an incredible problem effecting people from around the world. Moscow may have seemed like a distant, uncomplicated world in Europe’s heartland, but the fact is this city has grown in its love for luxurious living and in turn has become a large problem for the environment. In some cases, the … Read more


The Desert Ecosystem of Humans

Desert ecosystem of humans can be defined as the affect on the environment where human subsistence has altered the face of the environment to the extent that survival of a species used to the abundance of water is threatened. In this environment the ecosystem can be a seen as being fragile where plants, insects, grasses, … Read more

Oil Spill

Ocean Pollution Facts on The Global Environment

Ocean pollution is dreadful. It has adversely affected the global environment drastically. This has given the ecological niche a hard time in coping with the conditions. So many living organisms are getting extinct by day because of this dreadful pollution. The ocean habitat has experienced destructions that adversely complicate the survival of the living organisms … Read more

Great Barrier Reef Biodiversity

Aquatic Biodiversity and the Health of Our Planet

Aquatic biodiversity is important to the health and well-being of our planet, but is being threatened at an increasing rate. It is affected by many variables, including irrigation, contamination, and evaporation. Irrigation Irrigation is, possibly, the most subtle threat to aquatic biodiversity. Until recently, most irrigation issues were considered strictly from an engineering standpoint, with … Read more

The Basics Of An Auto Air Conditioning System

The Basics Of An Auto Air Conditioning System

All types of air cooling systems from home to auto air conditioning units all operate on the same principles and have the same basic parts. This makes understanding how your system works just a bit easier, especially if you imagine your much larger system in your house. There are two major parts to any air … Read more