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Ocean Pollution Facts on The Global Environment

Ocean pollution is dreadful. It has adversely affected the global environment drastically. This has given the ecological niche a hard time in coping with the conditions. So many living organisms are getting extinct by day because of this dreadful pollution. The ocean habitat has experienced destructions that adversely complicate the survival of the living organisms … Read more

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Is Pollution Causing Low Ocean Oxygen Levels?

Scientists are concerned about areas of the Pacific Ocean that have low levels of oxygen in the water. Areas of the ocean around the United States, especially in the states of Washington and Oregon have little or no oxygen in their waters. Sea creatures such as crabs have been found dead in these areas. And … Read more

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Pollution Wreaks Havoc on the Oceans, Animals and Plants

Every ounce of water on the earth’s surface has been a part of the ocean at one time or another. The oceans have become important sources of economic livelihood. Many maritime industries throughout the world, including fishing, shipbuilding, transportation, and recreation depend on the oceans. They are the highways for commercial and passenger ships. However, … Read more

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Pollution of the Earth’s Oceans

Pollution of the earth’s oceans is a major concern for scientists including marine biologists. Some of the causes of the phenomenon of ocean pollution are examined in this article. Ocean pollution is a major pollution problem faced worldwide. The waters of the earth are getting polluted more and more and many marine species have now … Read more

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Effects of Deep Ocean Pollution

The United Nations has warned that the damage to the deep oceans is getting way out of control amd deep ocean pollution is a major threat. According to reports found on commondreams news center , This damage is caused by litter, pollution and overfishing of the oceans. In a report indicating very little time left … Read more

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Effects of Ocean Pollution on Human and Marine Life

For centuries, ocean waters have been treated as sewage dumps. For example, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which is in one of the most urbanized, as well as, one of the most wealthiest nations in the world, sixteen million litres of raw sewage is dumped into the Halifax Harbour. In places such as Calcutta, India, as … Read more

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Oil Pollution: Nasty Damage With Everlasting Effects

You may have heard a news report or two of a tanker loosing oil so it spilled out into the waterways. This is known as oil pollution or a form of marine pollution. These events gain national attention for awhile, but then we forget until the next time. In between these catastrophes, there is everyday … Read more

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Ocean Pollution: A Wave You Don’t Want To Catch

There are people who enjoy the ocean on a regular basis and the ocean is home to many species of plant and animal life, but did you realize how badly our oceans are treated? We are disbelieved in thinking that once something is thrown or spilled into the ocean then the waves will just take … Read more

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Marine Pollution: It Does Not Just Float Away

Marine pollution is not new, it affects many, and it has to stop. Historically, this type of pollution was not monitored and thought to be harmless because there was a misconception that the ocean was endless and all that was dumped into it would just float away never to be seen again. The reality was … Read more