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Ocean Pollution: A Wave You Don’t Want To Catch

There are people who enjoy the ocean on a regular basis and the ocean is home to many species of plant and animal life, but did you realize how badly our oceans are treated? We are disbelieved in thinking that once something is thrown or spilled into the ocean then the waves will just take it away; however that something has to go somewhere and unfortunately, it takes it toll and many times that toll comes right back to us.

Ocean Pollutants

There are many contributing factors to this form of water pollution and most of them lead back to man. We are truly our own worst enemy. A few examples of possible causes include:

Dumping Illegal dumping of raw sewage, landfill wastes; chemicals and other toxins are a major cause. Some get dumped into their local rivers but most rivers lead into the ocean and damage is done all the way on its journey.
Leakage Chemicals that have leaked into the groundwater may adhere to particles, those particles will travel down river, get dumped into the ocean, the particles are ingested by fish and the fish get ill and may die. The contaminated fish are also eaten by man and man gets ill.
Agriculture Farming and slaughterhouses create vast amounts of manure and other wastes. A lot of this waste is dumped into the waterways or oceans because it needs to go somewhere. This waste is highly concentrated with toxins that can potentially lead to dead zones in the sea. A dead zone is the total depletion of all plant and animal life.
Spills Oil tankers, fuel tankers, and other barges that flood our oceans are responsible for many deaths. An oil spill wreaks major havoc in the ocean. The water is contaminated, the fish, the plants, mammals in the vicinity get coated and then suffocate from exposure. The area is forever changed and much of the damage is irreversible.

Sea Solutions

It is hard to imagine that such a prodigious area can be affected by pollution, but it is true and ocean pollution is very real. The ocean has been undergoing changes since man started creating waste and using the sea as its virtual dumping ground. There have many species of fish and plant life that are now extinct due to this behavior. One has to wonder how it can all stop and what can the common man do to help. A few suggestions include

Reduction Reduce the amount of waste you use so that the landfills are not overburdened and that overflow does not result in ocean pollution.
Frugal Be frugal with the amount of fuel you use in your automobile and home. If the demand is lower then the transportation risks are lowered, thus the risk of ocean pollution is lowered.
Government Become knowledgeable with your community’s dumping policies and vote on nation-wide rules that demand stricter policies that are in favour of our environment and focused on reducing all pollution, including ocean pollution.

The ocean is a beautiful place to enjoy. It is home to a population of living organisms that are vital to our lives. Ocean pollution is a serious problem and should not be cast out with the next wave.