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Ocean Pollution Facts on The Global Environment

Ocean pollution is dreadful. It has adversely affected the global environment drastically. This has given the ecological niche a hard time in coping with the conditions. So many living organisms are getting extinct by day because of this dreadful pollution. The ocean habitat has experienced destructions that adversely complicate the survival of the living organisms residing there. There are ocean pollution facts that need appropriate review before the situation gets worse.

Oil SpillFrom the recent studies, some statistics reveal that approximately over 80 percent of total ocean pollution sources are from land. This is a fact that needs clear attention and handling. It is because of human induced activities that the condition at the ocean is worsening. In precision, man is the greatest danger to the pollution of the ocean. Human activities lead human caused waste to drain into nearby water bodies from the sewers. This ultimately leads to draining of the waste into the ocean. Due to negligence, deposits of sewage waste are now been dumped into the ocean without any concern.

The pollution within the ocean is highly caused by oil spills as well as ore depositions. Due to the large vessels transporting goods through the ocean, there are high probabilities of oil spills. The fact is, crude oil is an element of pollution and very much responsible to the worsening conditions in the ocean pollution. The spilling of oil is usually unintentional. Among unintentional causes, ship accidents while traveling through the ocean rank high, as does ore deposition from vessels transporting the ore.

Another major fact that should be of concern is the pollution caused by cruise liners. The ocean-based activities only cause 20 percent of the overall ocean pollution. Within the 20 percent, 12% of the contribution includes that from cruise ships. From studies on ocean pollution, there are statistics revealing that a cruise ship of an average size produces approximately a million gallons of the residue in waste water within a week. The statistics therefore reveal that this is a major cause of pollution.

There are other pollution sources including plastic trash, floating ship wreckage and other floating pollutants. These cause clogging of the water in the ocean. The pollution might not be instant but it accumulates over a prolonged period. North Pacific is a great example that has experienced such pollution. The cause comes entirely from transportation as well as deposition of the respective pollutants from the North Pacific Gyre. This is a gigantic swirling vortex dependent on transport across the Pacific Ocean.

From the scientist’s word, there is an extended sort of carpet created on the north pacific because of pollution. The carpet in estimation can take the size of the entire land of Texas. The effect is being felt from all corners of the ocean and the organisms surviving in the ocean have been threatened by day due to the increase in the levels of pollution.