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Noise Pollution: Do Not Like The Sound Of That

Noise pollution may sound like a term that a parent comes up with in regards to popular music heard on the radio, but it is actually a form of pollution that has come increasingly known and the affects are linked to stress disorders. How does one define noise pollution? Well, quite simply it is excessive noise, at different volumes, that disrupts, distracts, or diminishes the regular functioning of an environment.

Noise Pollution Culprits

There are quite a few alarming causes of noise pollution and many of these everyone may come in contact with on a daily basis. A few of these may include such factors, like:

Airplanes Those who live near the airports or in the flight path of heavy airline traffic have exposure to noise pollution. Increased heart disease, high blood pressure, hearing loss and stress disorders have been linked to this type of pollution.
Cars We have all sat in traffic and you can almost feel your blood pressure rise as you sit there just waiting for it to move. The horns blaring can be grating on the nerves. However, the everyday car noise driving by your house or place of business can be a cause of noise pollution.
Workplace noise You do not have to work in a loud factory to experience this type of noise pollution. Offices trying to run more efficiently by creating cubicle offices to cram their employees into a smaller space are also creators of this increasing type of pollution. Telephones ringing, typing of keyboards, copy machines, chatting, finger tapping, and other annoyances are all contributors.
Home sweet home Think about all the modern day conveniences that cause noise. Now have several of them running at once, add people noise, and outdoor noise of lawn mowers, etc and you have a recipe for noise pollution stress. Children who grow up in these environments have been known to get ill easier, have greater stress, and do poorly in school.

How To Quiet It Down

How do we make it all stop? After all, we all can’t just pick up and move to the quiet country and not be exposed to any noise. However, there are certain things that a person can do to lessen the exposure or combat the effect of noise pollution. A couple examples include:

Stress release Part of noise pollutions toll is due to the body’s reaction to the stress it may cause. One can alleviate stress by practicing things like yoga, deep breathing exercises, or meditation.
Noise reduction Making changes to reduce the noise will help immensely. Buying double-paned windows, turning the television off at home, discussing tactics in the workplace, and if need be changing your job or housing environment are all ways to reduce exposure to noise pollution.

Noise pollution is just one type of pollution that we are exposed to everyday. However, it is one that is easier controlled in ones own environment. Taking a step back and evaluating what changes can be made will make a big difference in your life. It is time we stopped unnecessary noise and live a more peaceful life.