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Noise Pollution & Prevention: A Forgotten Environmental Harm

Noise pollution is usually not at the top of the list of pollution concerns. The effects of noise pollution are often not as recognizable as those form other forms of pollution. Testing noise pollution and coming up with scientific information can also be difficult.

Despite the challenge of noise pollution it does exist. Noise pollution & prevention is just as important as any other work concerning pollution. It is imperative to learn more about noise pollution & prevention so that you, too, can be informed about why it should be something you seek to eliminate.


There are three main sources of noise pollution & prevention. They include transportation, industrial and consumer sources.

Noisy vehicles, airplanes and trains account for a large percentage of noise pollution. Busy roadways are a great source of noise, as are train tracks and air ports. People living near these areas are directly affected by the noise pollution they create.

Industrial noise is another major form of noise pollution. Industrial noises range from banging to machines. These noises can last all day and night depending upon the operations of the business.

Consumer noise pollution is relatively small, but still an area of concern and a contributor to overall noise pollution. Load stereos, unmaintained, loud vehicles and general noise created by individuals are all examples of consumer noise pollution.


The effects of noise pollution are not as much seen as they are felt. Other types of pollution, like air pollution and water pollution are quite visible and that may be why they often get all the attention. However, anyone who has experienced issues with noise pollution can easily attest to that the effects of noise pollution are not minor.

Noise pollution can cause behavioral issues like aggression, anxiety and depression. Chronic exposure to noise pollution can lead to high stress levels and possible complications with high blood pressure which can then lead to heart problems.

Noise pollution also causes hearing loss, sleeping problems and panic attacks. The need for education about noise pollution & prevention is not something people suffering from such ailments take lightly.

Noise Pollution & Prevention

Noise pollution & prevention measures are a must around the world. There are actually many ways to easily prevent noise pollution. With minimal effort or simple changes noise pollution can be eliminated.

Unlike other types of pollution ending noise pollution is actually something that is quite possible. Reduction is a good option, but the goal should be to eliminate it all together.

Some things that can be done are installation of noise barriers, development of quieter vehicles and other transportation, more laws and regulations imposed against sources of noise pollution.