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Nassau County Emissions Reduction Initiatives

Eleven counties from around the country gathered and signed the U.S. Cool Counties Climate Stabilization Declaration promising to work towards reducing the harmful global emissions by 80 percent by the year of 2050. This would mean an annual reduction of 2 percent, which is believed to be achievable.

These eleven counties were led by Nassau and King counties in Washington state and Fairfax County in Virginia. They were joined by the Sierra Club to urge the U.S. government to pass laws and adopt new legislation that needs the same 80 percent reduction of pollutants by 2050. They are also asking to have vehicle economy standards raised to 35 miles/gallon by 2020 or earlier.
As we wait on the U.S. government to take action, local governments must take action as soon as possible to address global. With its numerous coastal communities, Nassau County is highly at risk to climate changes caused by global warming. Nassau County emissions reductions are not alone in the fight. Cool Counties provides the structure needed to reduce emissions and reduce pollution.
As we continue to observe inaction at the Federal level on reducing emissions that cause global warming, the Sierra Club being the largest environmental organization in the nation and the Cool Counties group are working in unison to adopt laws and regulations that fight carbon emissions and encourage clean, renewable energy sources with taxpayer savings considered.
Nassau County emissions reduction has already begun with 10 percent of all county facilities power supplied by wind in Nassau County. Translating to 10 million emissions free kilowatt-hours of power. With one of the largest alternative fuel fleets in the state, 175,000 gallons of B2O biodiesel fuel will have been buyd by the end of 2007 to fuel Nassau Countys non-emergency fleet. Along with 60-compressed natural gas, ethanol and electric vehicles Nassau County emissions reduction planed a 20 tons reduction of CO2 in 2007.
These changes have already helped Nassau County emissions reduction by 5 percent. Recent upgrades to county buildings have helped to make them much more energy efficient. This will help to give taxpayers $800,000 in energy savings.
We must be committed to Nassau County emissions reduction to keep it clean and pollution free throughout our generation and into the next. Nassau County emissions reduction will assure a clean and healthy future on the pacific coast of Washington.
Initiatives include: working with numerous large municipalities to reduce pollutants and emissions, explore mass transit options, continue to preserve the county’s remaining open spaces, state-authorized cigarette tax to discourage smoking, an organic farm and the county’s first Farmer’s Market featuring fresh produce.