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Nassau County Emissions Reduction Programs

In New York State, Nassau county emissions reduction programs are being designed and carry outed to decrease the amount of carbon and other harmful emissions produced by diesel motors used in any type of city or county vehicles and transportation systems. The Nassau county emissions reduction plan has been developed in conjunction with other counties such as Suffolk, Rockland, Westchester and New York City to make this one of the more comprehensive programs throughout the area.

The goals of the Nassau county emissions reduction program are to bring all their equipment up to current upgrades or replace, retire or repair any existing equipment that does not meet standards with regards to operating efficiency. Not only does the program just deal with upgrading the current infastructure of the transportation and government vehicle systems, it is also designed to encourage the development of newer, more efficient transportation and fuel use systems, help with the development of more efficient types of fuels and motors as well as reduce engine idling and pollution generation throughout the counties and cities involved in the project.

One of the many ways that the Nassau county emissions reduction program is helping the environment is to provide funding in the form of grants and financial support to areas that are striving to reduce the amount of emissions from diesel motors within their area. Besides just financial support, the commission overseeing the program is also involved in matching technical support with counties and areas that want to reduce their emissions and use different types of engines, fuels and systems.

The New York State Department of Transportation as well as the Federal Highways Administration are both on board with the programs and goals of the Nassau county emissions reduction program and are actively supporting the goals outlined in the agreement. Through funding programs and incentives these agencies are working to encourage the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) cars and busses that produce almost no emissions, making them on of the best options for government transportation programs. Currently the county owns 320 CNG buses and 20 compressed natural gas cars, with another 20 on the way. Additionally the county has moved to using a very low-sulfur bio-diesel fuel that will be used exclusively in non-emergency diesel vehicles within the county. The impact of these changes on the emissions within Nassau county is huge, providing a great and positive impact on the people and the environment in the area.

The goals of the Nassau county emissions reduction program is to continue to look for new and innovative ways to advance the use of low emissions fuels, to upgrade transportation to more fuel efficient and “green” fuels as well as make the government the leader in policy in this area.