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3 Methods of Prevention of Vehicular Pollution

Vehicular pollution is a huge concern for the whole world. Methods of prevention of vehicular pollution are a major focus in the most populated countries in the world. There is too much risk associated with this type of pollution to allow it to go unhandled for much longer.

There are three main methods of prevention of vehicular pollution. Each off these methods tries a different approach to tackling the problem in its own way. Through the use of all three methods, though, the pollution levels have begun to go down and a bright future is just down the road.


Technology is one of the greatest tools for fighting vehicular pollution. The methods of prevention of vehicular pollution involving technology include creating better vehicles and designing new traffic plans.

Better vehicles, like hybrids, produce less pollution. In some cases, alternative fuels burn clean and produce no pollution. It is through technology that these alterative fuels will be able to be used in vehicles.

The designing and planning roadways helps to clear traffic congestion and keep people moving. Congestion keeps cars on the road longer, thus producing more pollution. Additionally, it concentrates vehicular pollution.

Consumer Awareness

Education is a key method of vehicular pollution prevention. Other methods of prevention of vehicular pollution seek to directly work at the problem. However, that will never work if people do not know about the problem.

A person is not likely to help a cause that they know nothing about. Some people may be clueless as to the effects and harms of vehicular pollution. They have to be taught somehow.

Education is widespread. It involves organization and even individuals helping to spread the word about vehicular pollution. It includes educating people on what it is, how it causes harm and ways to prevent it.


Lastly, conservation is one of the main methods of prevention of vehicular pollution. Simply put, conservation means driving less. For some people this can be simply. They can take the bus instead of driving. For others it may seem impossible or difficult but can still work.

People may miss many opportunities to conserve. There are times when riding with someone else instead of driving yourself will work. You do not have to do it all the time, but any time you do it is helping the environment.

One less car on the road everyday adds up and has quite an impact on cutting down vehicular pollution. All it takes is a little effort. Walk more, drive less is a great motto. Conservation can go a long way in the fight against vehicular pollution.