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Industrial Pollution: The Bigger They Are, The More They Create

Industries around the world bring us products and services that we think we cannot live without and in some cases that may be true, however they are also the largest creators of industrial pollution; which is something that we can and need to live without if we want to stay in existence. Industries do not stop at one form of pollution, but touch upon every aspect of our being and demise.

Industrial Pollution And The Air We Breathe

Everyday we are taking in unwanted and unneeded chemicals and toxins that are the creation of industry. Granted, those who live in or near industrial areas may be at a higher exposure rate but the air is always moving and the toxins float many miles from their originator. Smoke stacks, incinerators, and general manufacturing have been better monitored but there are ways that this can improve. Governmental breaks of deadly air emissions have been recognized. Air quality laws and fines are consequential to holding industries responsible for the pollution they create. A few solutions to this pollutant problem could include:

Creativity Finding new technologies to run machinery that may decrease the need of fossil fuels
Efficiency Combining machining techniques, using more manpower, and manufacturing similar products together will make for less wasted run times
Transportation Combining routes and finding more efficient ways to travel products will help reduce air pollution caused by vehicles.

Industrial Pollution And The Water We Use

Industrial pollution is a major contributor to the water pollution problem. There have been many cases of illegal dumping of toxins, raw sewage, and solid wastes that have gained national attention; but what is just as frightening are the everyday violations that seem to go unnoticed or ignored. Even small manufacturing plants and businesses have been guilty of using our waterways as their virtual dump. The thought process being that once it floats away then so doesn’t the problem. However, that is far from the truth. The effects of pollution trickle down the waterways to the living organisms that make that their home and sometimes it comes back to the very creators of the problem; humans. Governments need to enforce the policies in place and continue to come up with stricter policies and incentives that will make for successful industrial involvement.

Ground Level Industrial Pollution

Illegal dumping of industrial waste also invades our precious land. Historically, waste was just buried and never to be thought about again. However, many of that waste never decomposed and the waste that did leaked into the ground water; while the other created methane gases that were released into the atmosphere.

Nasty Noise

Noise pollution is one that is being recognized as just as harmful as some of the others. Industries do contribute to noise pollution for those who live near the industries and for those who work within. Noise pollution is responsible for hearing loss and many nerve or stress disorders. Most industries have improved their work environments and offer protection but many do not recognize the need or have limited resources for their employees.

Even if we are not directly connected to an industry, industrial pollution does impact us. We need to make industry owners and our governments responsible for the unwanted and unneeded pollution that is destroying our world.