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Learning How to Control Pollution

Regardless of how many governmental agencies set laws and form agencies in learning how to control pollution and monitor its results, it all comes down to the everyday peoplesingle people of all ages, couples, families, young people, middle-aged, elderly, healthy, unhealthy, and disabledpeople living on Earth from all walks of life. But in reality it should begin with the children, as they are the ones whose lives we are affecting with our decision-making today. Learning how to control pollution should begin with educating our children, as we are educating ourself because we cannot teach what we do not know. Simple questions need to be answered, such as what should we do when the Air Quality Index is orange in color? What does the color maroon mean on it? How can I find what the air quality in my community is?

How to control pollution within the garden
o Instead of applying a poisonous chemical weed killer that needs gloves and a mask, have the whole family help by using mulch to practice pollution prevention.
o There are many alternatives that exist to control garden weeds and pests instead of commercial garden supplies which end up polluting the water, soil, and air.
Hand pick weeds
Apply mulch from grass clippings and wood chips to avoid lots of weeds growing
Eliminate pests by filling a shallow pan with beer, placing it into the garden on ground level
Praying mantises, ground beetles, and ladybugs rid the garden and flower bed of nasty pests
Education provides knowledge on which plants attract certain bugs to the garden area
Utilize grass clippings to avoid yard waste, or use native, slow growing plants
Do not use fertilizers or pesticides within 24 hours of rain
How to control pollution within the home
o Instead of commercial cleaning supplies, use baking soda and water or even undiluted water vinegar in a spray bottle as an all-purpose cleaner.
o For a drain cleaner, pour cup baking soda down the drain, followed by two ounces of vinegar. If it is really serious, use a plunger or snake to follow. The best thing for prevention of a drain problem is to pour boiling water down the drain once a week.
o For oven spills use pure salt while the oven is warm, pouring the salt on as they occur while wiping as soon as you can without the oven getting too cold.
o Use the cork-screw light bulbs to replace the incandescent lights with energy efficient fluorescent lighting. Each bulk will save about 500 pounds of carbon dioxide and five pounds of sulfur dioxide.
o Use a microwave for small meals and warming up meals, instead of using the larger ovens.
o Keep the hot water heater at 120 degrees will save up to $50 per year
How to control pollution within the office
o Use electronic mail
o Carpool
o Use fluorescent lighting will last up to 10 times longer and cost of the energy bill
o Turn off lights in rooms not occupied to conserve energy
o When going home, turn off computer and lights within personal offices