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How to Control Electrical Pollution

Electrical pollution is causing a large area of concern within some of the private sectors, a term that is referred to many as “dirty power” but has no scientific basis for it in engineering or electrical science. A loose term, it describes several types of electrical phenomenastray voltages, electric and magnetic fields, earth currents, and transients and high frequency noisewhile making the person inside the home very ill. Normal clean electricity enters the home at 60 Hz, while electrical pollution is referred to as 60 Hz of electricity polluted with high frequency signalsor “dirty” powerflowing through the wires and through Earth. Understanding how to control electrical pollution is best understand by looking at both sides of the picture.

Electrical data can be measured by very sophisticated measuring devices, but it can be misunderstood by many which adds to the fear of being exposed to “electrical pollution”. Yet there actually are many normal incidents of naturally occurring electrical phenomena which actually do arise from the use of everyday electricity, with many misused terms still being used. The high frequency noise labeled by many as part of the electrical pollution, the phrase “how to control electrical pollution” is considered by those who work in the field as looking at certain sources of electrical pollution, addressed at the source through local action.

Professionals in the field looks at electrical pollution caused by cell towers, with a Wisconsin county passing an ordinance in reference to it requiring compliance with the IEEE-519. In Europe, harmonic filers are needed on non-linear and time-varying loads but not in the United States. In the United States, “how to control electrical pollutions” is not even recognized.

A huge worry for those involved with learning how to control electrical pollution is the high frequency noises on the wires. Created by the end user of whichever devise is involved, the noise is actually small compared to that in our homes of 120 volts at our lamp wall outlet. The source of high frequency nose and the transient sources is the end user. How to control electrical pollution involves some form of electrical knowledge, recognizing that the transmitted noise cannot be heard too far away from its source due to its design. This same noise is known as “white noise” on the television screen or fuzzy buzzing within our communications systems.

Electrical pollution is associated with illness or not feeling well, but there is no proven link between electrical pollutions or human diseasechronic fatigue syndrome, weakness, headache, nervousness, and fibromyalgiaand no scientific evidence to prove such a relationship exists. How to control electrical pollution needs being totally objective on both sides, and if we worry too much about something or someone or electrical pollution, we will make ourself sick