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Finding A Ford Ranger Emissions Control Manual

The internet has made finding information from the Ford Ranger emissions control manual sections simple with just the click of a mouse. Most year models of the Ford Ranger emissions control manual sections are readily available online just by entering the year and the phrase “Ford Ranger emissions control manual” into whatever search engine that you use.

If you aren’t comfortable with using the internet, most dealerships and automobile shops will also have copies of the Ford Ranger emissions control manual. There are also options in picking up second hand copies through different technical bookstores, automotive trade shows or even through some automotive training schools and programs.

Within the Ford Ranger emissions control manual there are several topics covered including information on maintenance and specifications. The manual will also provide detailed information on the use of only genuine Ford Motor Company parts or those parts approved for use within the Ford Range trucks. The emissions control section of the manual will also include information about:

Safely working on the vehicle with regards to the emissions control system. Since the catalytic converter and exhaust can become overheated when the motor is idled or driven, it is very important not to park over flammable material such as dry grass or areas where there are wood chips or mulch. This material can quickly dry out and catch on fire, resulting in a real danger both to the people working on the vehicle as well as the vehicle itself.

The various in-dash lights that signal some type of engine problem, more specifically engine programs that are typically associated with emission system malfunctions or distorted readings. Since the newer models of Ford Rangers, like most vehicles, have computer sensors that monitor emissions and performance, any abnormalities in the reading will result in the “check engine” light coming on. Typically associated with this are a lack of power and acceleration, temperature warning lights or odors or a burning smell can all be signs of an emissions system problem.

What the vehicle emission control information decal provides information on. This decal cannot be removed from a vehicle and provides information about the specific emissions control systems used within the vehicle. It is against the law to tamper or change the emissions control system in a vehicle if the changes in any way alter or disable the system.

The On Board Diagnostics System or OBD-ll. This is the system that allows the engine’s computer sensor system to monitor the emissions control system, plus to record any abnormal readings that can be used by the mechanic or repair technician.

A Ford Ranger emissions control manual is important in the proper care and maintenance of your vehicle.