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The Evolution Of The Air Conditioner

In these present times, we do not think twice about turning on an air conditioner which when powered on will help to make things very relaxed and comfortable. With the introduction of portable models, there is even more convenience available as these machines can be moved from one location to another where they will cool things down considerably. The best part is that such appliances are now being used in virtually every building, especially where weather conditions tend to get too hot to handle.

Even better, such appliances are being widely used in buildings not only in the US but the rest of the world as well. We just cannot imagine having to live without air conditioning, especially during the hot summer months.

Soon, their ideas were modified, and use of liquefied ammonia which was made to evaporate was used to help to cool the air down. The person credited with this discovery was the British scientist Michael Faraday who made his development in 1820. About two decades later, an American called Dr. John Gorrie managed to make an ice maker which could be used to cool down the air and this he demonstrated in a Floridian hospital.

Even wealthy Persians were able to enjoy similar comforts. In medieval times, these wealthy Persians made use of wind which helped them to enjoy the luxuries of home air conditioning. They, therefore, differed from their Egyptian counterparts who continued to make use of water to do the cooling of their homes and buildings.

In the earliest air conditioners, toxic gases would be used, but it was a person called Thomas Midgley Jr. who created in the year 1928 the first Freon refrigerant. Though this was a significant discovery at the time, now we realize that Freon is terrible for the Ozone layer.

Costway 10,000 BTUAn air conditioner is, of course, used to cool our homes as well as offices. There are however other uses as well including being used to filter out harmful particles from the air and this kind of usage are widely applied in operation theaters in hospitals.

Mostly, people use an air conditioner to cool a home or office room. However, this appliance can also be used for other purposes. One such purpose is that of removing dangerous particles from the air.

There are a few air conditioner models that can also act as dehumidifiers, and such models can remove the unwanted excessive moisture out of the air, and this will make the room much more comfortable. We can indeed thank our lucky stars that some inventive geniuses found out how to air condition our homes and offices!