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Pollution: It Is Everyone’s Problem

You may think that pollution is not your problem because you do not litter, you think your automobile meets the EPA’s needs, and besides you may not live in one of the cities they list as the worst polluted area. However, pollution rears its ugly head in many forms and everyone is affected. There are things that everyone can do to help clean up and prevent pollution.

How Many Kinds Could There Be?

Pollution does come in many forms and some may even sound newfound, but all are important to take notice of. A few examples may be:

  • Litter – Litter can be found on the side of the road, in an old lot and in waterways, as well. Litter may start with the simple carelessness of a person throwing out that one soda can or cigarette butt, however those “simple” acts cause toxins to be emitted into the air, groundwater, and soil.
  • Water Pollution We may stop and think of the seriousness of water pollution when we hear of a major spill, but our everyday actions may be contributing to this pollution issue. Poor septic tanks and phosphate-induced cleaning agents are contributors too.
  • Air Pollution Everyone contributes to air pollution; on some levels it is hard not to because every action has a reaction and that reaction releases chemicals. Due to major fines and bad press, some companies have gotten better at monitoring their output. Car manufacturers include emission systems, but we use our cars at record-breaking levels. It comes down to the balance of good air produced by Mother Nature to bad air produced by human usage.
  • Light Pollution – Who would have ever thought that pollution comes in the form of light? But extended exposure brings a breakdown of melatonin in the body and the energy it takes to produce that light wastes precious energy.

Are We A Lost Cause?

One may think that we have done so much damage that there is no turning back or maybe it is to be another person’s problem. Well, we are all in it together and since together we are a part of creating the problem then together we can be a part of the solution. A few suggestions could be:
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Reduce the amount of waste your household makes by buying smartly. Reuse items buyd for one reason into something else. Recycle all the plastic, glass, paper, and other items instead of throwing them away.
Caustic Chemicals – Look in your cabinets and see the plethora of everyday chemicals and find environmentally friendly alternatives.
Hoof It – Cutting down the use of your automobile would do at least two things: cut down on emissions released and give you exercise.

Pollution is not a new problem, pollution is not the other person’s responsibility, pollution does affect you and those around you, and pollution can be controlled. Are you going to be a part of the solution?