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Understanding The Evap Emissions Control System: Kia Sportage

Just like any type of evap emissions control system, then Kia Sportage evaporative emissions control system works to prevent gasoline vapours from being released or vented into the air. This can happen when a vehicle is parked in a hot area and the low vaporization point of the fuel is reached just by having the vehicle in the sun. The evap emissions control system, Kia Sportage sports utility vehicle or any other type of vehicle, works as a closed system, trapping the vapors in a canister and allowing them to be burned in the combustion chamber of the engine once the vehicle is started. The evap emissions control system, Kia Sportage and other Kia models, can have several different issues that cause the in dash “check engine” light to appear so owners need to be aware of what issues can potentially cause the problem.

Since the in-dash light system, controlled by the on-board diagnostic computer or OBD ll system, can be triggered by the evap emissions control system, Kia Sportage drivers need to be aware of the issues that can cause the light to come one. Sometimes the “check engine” light can come on for reasons that can be remedied by the owner or driver, while other times the light can be a very serious issue that needs to be corrected immediately by a certified Kia technician to prevent further costly damage to the car’s engine or exhaust system. The evap emissions control system, Kia Sportage models, is hooked up to a diagnostic computer which downloads the information from the vehicle’s OBD ll system, allowing the technician to access the information on the emissions control systems and diagnose the malfunction or problem. This is done through a series of codes that the technician’s computer generates that correspond to malfunctions within the system.

Some of the common evap emissions control system Kia Sportage codes and common problems include:

PO455 Evap emissions control system leak (large) this is a serious problem that can be both costly to repair as well as can cause the vehicle to stop running or become unable to start. If the engine light comes on with this code it is critical to get the vehicle into a certified Kia technician for repair.

Loose gap cap when the gas cap is not tightened as per the owner’s manual, it is possible that the emissions system will generate an error code and a “check engine” light will be visible on the dash. This is typically corrected once the gas cap is removed, tightened correctly and the Kia is driven through the needed number of drive cycles without another incorrect reading. Typically if this reading is found when you take the vehicle to a technician there is no charge and the engine light is simply reset provided the gas cap is not damaged and the seal around the opening to the gas tank is intact.

PO452 Evap control pres sensor low this can be caused by a loose gas cap as well but is more likely a problem with a hose that has come loose or a pressure control circuit that is malfunctioning. A Kia technician would need to test the system to find out where the problem is with the pressure in the system.