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The Equinox Emissions Control Diagnostic System

The Chevy Equinox, a mini van type of vehicle, complies to all state and federal regulations with regards to emissions control systems within the United States and within other countries where the vehicle is sold. The Equinox emissions control diagnostic system is designed to monitor the emissions control system and indicated any malfunctions to the driver through the use of in-dash “check engine” lights as well as through the OnStar Diagnostics that are available on most of the current year models of the Chevy Equinox. Most 2004 or newer model years of General Motors vehicles, in particular the Equinox have the optional OnStar system available for owners.

The Equinox emissions control diagnostic through the OnStar system works by checking your Equinox emissions control diagnostic system on a regular basis, then sending an email version of the results plus any recommended maintenance or repair action needed. Owners can then determine if they wish to book an appointment to have the issues addressed or, if the tests come back with no action needed, the driver is confident that the emissions control system is working correctly. This means that even busy owners that don’t have time to do the scheduled maintenance will get a monthly reminder of the overall condition of the emissions control system as well as reminders for oil changes, tune ups and even yearly inspections, tire rotation and scheduled tests. Since keeping your vehicle in top repair helps to remove the additional strain or pressure on the Equinox emissions control diagnostic system, all aspects of the OnStar system work to make sure a properly functioning and safe vehicle.

Even for the Chevy Equinox emissions control diagnostic systems that pre-date the OnStar option, in dash lights and on on-board diagnostic computer work to constantly monitor the emission system within the vehicle. When the owner takes the vehicle to the mechanic for a problem, typically rough idling, poor acceleration or poor gas mileage are the complaints, the emissions system always one of the first potential problem areas considered. The Chevy technician can hook the on-board computer up to a diagnostic computer through the use of a data cable, transferring all the information from the Equinox emissions control diagnostic system to the diagnostic computer. This computer then generates a list of codes that indicate problems within the system. The technician or mechanic then can address the issues that have caused the codes to be registered. In some cases the codes may just need to be reset as the system is self-correcting as much as possible. For codes that indicate an equipment malfunction or breakdown, the part will need to be repaired or replaced and the system reset.