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Information On Environmental Pollution: Does Greenpeace Deliver?

Solid information on environmental pollution can be difficult to find. For one, good information on environmental pollution is frequently too technical to be of any use to anyone outside of the academy, or anyone not planning on devoting their life to understanding all the technical issues and chemical factors that make up the environment and … Read more

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Agricultural Chemicals and Environmental Pollution

The sector of the population known in conservative circles as “alarmists” (read: anyone who considers environmental pollution to be a serious topic) have long speculated gloomily about the link between agricultural chemicals and environmental pollution. It stands to reason, they assert, that agricultural chemicals and environmental pollution be linked. The agricultural chemicals most often linked … Read more

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Food Processing Technology Fights Pollution

Pollution, environmental or not, poisons not only the world we live in but the food we eat. We all know that smog and other air pollution issues shorten the human lifespan and promote the development of respiratory diseases and bacterial infections. And we all know that water pollution/environmental damage leads to the breeding of malaria-infested … Read more

Thermal Pollution

Effects of Thermal Pollution

There are so many types of pollution and thermal pollution is a secondary problem for our waters. Water pollution occurs when chemicals and toxins are released into our waterways and the result is extremely detrimental to the organisms that call the water their home. However, thermal pollution is just as deadly and notice needs to … Read more

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Environmental Pollution: Pollution Of The Mind

We all know about environmental pollution: pollution and its costs, pollution and its causes, and pollution and its terrible effects. We know that environmental pollution (pollution of the air, in particular) causes the death of one in five people around the world every year, according to data gathered by the World Health Organization in partnership … Read more

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Biosensors To Detect Environmental Pollution

When most of us hear an article title like “biosensors to detect environmental pollution”, we’re plagued by one question: what on earth is a biosensor? The answer is both surprising and ingenious, and as a group of students at the University of Glasgow learned, the answer is one of the most hopeful developments yet in … Read more

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Effect Of Environmental Pollution On Human Life

The effect of environmental pollution on human life is quickly becoming undeniable. One in five people around the world are dying every year due to factors related to the effect of environmental pollution on human life, from improperly-ventilated cook fires to poisonous ground water leading to the spread of malaria-carrying mosquito’s. But the most dangerous … Read more

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Causes of Environmental Pollution, Plastics

There are many causes of environmental pollution. Most infamously, there are the sealed drums of toxic waste material produced as a byproduct of nuclear reactions. There are the smog and toxins that float through the air, caused by burning industrial smokestacks and the overuse of petroleum-burning vehicles and other machines. There’s slash-and-burn deforestation with the … Read more

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Major Types Of Environmental Pollution

Many of us talk about environmental pollution, and many of us have the same idea about what environmental pollution entails: orange sludge collecting in rivers, clouds of yellow smog wafting over valleys, trash littering a formerly green field. But these evocative images just aren’t sufficient if we really want to take on the task of … Read more

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Environmental Pollution: The Effects Are Endless

Environmental pollution is not just a single entity but is comprised of a variety of matters. To break it down for definition purposes, one could look at the meaning of each word to get a good idea of what we are dealing with. The word environment means the physical and biological factors and their chemical … Read more