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Environmental Pollution: The Effects Are Endless

Environmental pollution is not just a single entity but is comprised of a variety of matters. To break it down for definition purposes, one could look at the meaning of each word to get a good idea of what we are dealing with.

The word environment means the physical and biological factors and their chemical interactions that affect an organism, while natural environment means all living and non-living things that occur naturally on Earth. Pollution is any form of organism (natural or not) that affects the natural order of things.

What Does This All Mean?

With some basic definitions of environment and pollution, one could wonder how does it affect their own world. Well, environmental pollution invades many aspects of everyones life. A few examples of this all encompassing pollution would include:

Air pollution Acid rain, illegal burning, cigarette smoke, and excessive fumes from automobile chemicals are a few causes of this
Water pollution Illegal dumping of rubbish, toxic waste, general chemicals used for cleaning, and more reeks havoc on our waterways
Land pollution Strip mining, excessive building, misuse of fertilizers, and full landfills are taking away our lands precious minerals
Noise pollution Busy streets, loud music, heavy construction areas, and over populated work areas cause increased stress levels in our everyday life

Controlling The Monster

This is some pretty scary knowledge and it can overwhelm just about anyone. Some may think that we have gone so far that we may never see the end of the environmental nightmare. We cannot give up hope nor can we just expect the next person to take care of it all. There are things that have been instilled and as governments come to realize that this is not going away on its own they are cracking down on some of the major contributors of the problem. However, the everyday person can help and it does not matter how old you are, your economic status, or where you live. We all can do something to improve this bleak situation. A few things that can help would include:

Clean your air Make sure your heating source is burning efficiently by having it inspected. Cut down or cut out the use of chemicals in your household. There are many alternatives that are just as effective for cleaning.
Water conservation Water is one of our most vital resources and one of the resources that get wasted at alarming rates. Using appliances that need little amounts of water, turning off the water while brushing your teeth, and using cleaning products that do not have phosphates helps reduce water pollution.
Soil saving Instead of throwing your kitchen waste into the rubbish consider a compost bin. There are a variety of ways to compost kitchen wastes into mineral rich soil enhancers. These enhancers can be put back into the mineral starved soil.

Environmental pollution is not just one generations issue. Historically, there has been a general downfall in our Earths most valuable resources and we are all to blame. But, the future does not have to look bleak because we can all be a part of the solution. We just need to take a step back, make small changes and the results will be great.