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Learning about Environmental Education in Schools

Sound early education forms the very basis of a well-informed and conscientious individual who behaves with maturity and responsibility towards his surroundings.

In today’s fast-paced world, where rapid business and economic growth is leading to a vast range of repercussions on the environment and the surroundings around, it has become all the more important to impart adequate knowledge to the younger generations about ways to protect the environment and encourage healthier practices.

The Significance

The initiative to take up environmental education in schools has been taken on with full force, both by the school authorities as well as the administration.

The main aim of the environmental education in schools is to primarily teach the students to learn to protect the planet, promote environmental stewardship and in the process teach students how to economize on and maximize the potential of the resources available.

The methods adopted for the environmental education in schools vary in accordance with the geographical location and also the category of students being dealt with. However, there are two main categories of methods in which environmental education in schools is basically conducted. The first method is to conduct formal education based on syllabus and course books. Such books will generally cover all the basic as well as advanced concepts of environmental education. The elementary course material for environmental education in schools also covers details of how the industry is negatively affecting the environment around and what are the steps and precautions needed to avoid and prevent the same.

The second and often more effective method of conducting environmental education in schools is to follow the method of practical teaching, in which a series of games, experiments and other fun-filled activities are organized to demonstrate the importance of a healthy environment in life.

Such activities generally include themed songs, plays, skits, poems and drawings, along with other art and craft activities which have a focus to enhance the learning of the concepts of environmental education amongst the students.

Apart from the basic sense of environmental awareness, there are various other concepts that are taught by the modules on environmental education in schools. A few instances of the same include the greenhouse effect, air and noise pollution, local and legislative controls that have been laid down to protect and manage the environment.

Most important of all, the main concept being taught through environmental education in schools is to teach the students about the basic correlation between the environment and human life and how a negative impact on one can actually harm the other.